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5 Steps to Get Started with Incrementality

How much revenue does your brand generate when it spends money on advertising compared to when it doesn't? The answer lies in incrementality. Follow these steps to start integrating incrementality into your advertising decisions.

The Financial Hit of Bad Retargeting

A flawed approach to retargeting is creating a major missed opportunity for ecommerce advertisers -- to the tune of $5B in the U.S. alone. Learn about the real consequences of ignoring incrementality in digital advertising.

Retargeting provider

6 Key Questions to Ask Your Retargeting Provider

For advertisers still willing to tolerate a lack of transparency and arbitraging of media as the cost of doing retargeting, this infographic offers six important questions to ask your provider.

Real-Time Bidding: What Happens in 200 Milliseconds?

More than ever before, marketers rely on real-time bidding (RTB) to deliver ads that help grow their business. The RTB ad buying process happens faster than the blink of an eye, but this infographic outlines everything you need to know.

Holiday Facebook Advertising Checklist

The holiday shopping season can be the most prosperous time of year for retailers. However, it’s also one of the most competitive, and advertisers need to stay ahead of the pack. Prepare for a successful holiday shopping season with our advertising checklist.

Digital Advertising Budget Calculator

Whether you're getting started on a new social channel, testing new audience combinations, or looking to scale revenues from your digital advertising, this ad budget calculator will help you estimate ad spend based on target audience size and ad units leveraged.

Facebook Advertising Head-to-Head: Europe vs. The Americas

Facebook’s global reach is one of the key reasons advertisers invest so heavily in the channel, but there can be striking differences in ad metrics from country to country. This infographic offers a graphical look at Facebook advertising in Europe and in the Americas.

Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Bid Types for Facebook Advertising

See a visual explanation of Facebook’s distinct ad bid types (CPC, CPM, oCPM, and CPA), how they impact your ad’s effective reach, and tips to help you achieve your campaign ROI goals at scale.

5 Key Benefits of In-House Digital Advertising

This infographic explores the in-house advertising movement, highlighting five key benefits of this approach--from welcome cost savings to speed and performance gains that can significantly boost the bottom line.

Facebook Mobile Advertising Performance

The surge in mobile adoption has helped to propel Facebook’s mobile base, creating new opportunities for marketers. This infographic provides mobile marketers with a baseline for ad performance to help them plan successful and effective Facebook mobile campaigns.

A Googol Ways to Target Your Audience (And It’s Not on Google)

We asked our Data Science team to estimate the targeting possibilities on Facebook. The answer is larger than we thought—Facebook offers not just more targeting opportunities than Google, but more than a Googol ways to reach your audience.

Facebook Ad Types Cheat Sheet

Facebook is constantly updating the visual design of ads to improve user experience. Our newest Facebook infographic makes it easy to distinguish between the latest desktop and mobile ad products as well as recommended image and text creative specs for each ad type.

Insider’s Guide to Facebook Advertising: Country Targeting — Reach vs. CPC

Many marketers face a dilemma in balancing the number of targetable customers in a country and cost goals when bidding for ad placement on Facebook. In this infographic we compare country reach to average CPCs across the globe.

Invest in Your Most Valuable Customers with Predictive Lifetime Value

If you are managing performance marketing campaigns at scale, take a look this infographic to discover how savvy marketers are leveraging predictive lifetime value to maximize their investment today.

Insider’s Guide to Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce

From on average how different Facebook ad types perform for ecommerce companies to gender differences from Facebook ad click to ultimate purchase on retailer sites, we hope you enjoy this data-packed infographic.

Insider’s Guide to Facebook Marketing – Hidden Gems of Targeting

What countries should you target when advertising on Facebook? We ranked 20 countries by their number of Facebook users, average CPCs and average CTRs in an infographic to help answer the question.