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LTV: A Tale Of Two Shoppers – The Playbook, Ep. 9

This week, Lauren from New York emailed us with a question - “How do I get my ‘old media’ boss to understand LTV? Can you give me an example?” - and our host Erik Mansur fires back with “A Tale of Two Shoppers,” explaining why companies need to modernize their approach to building customer loyalty in the digital age -- and how that can be accomplished through online advertising.

Conquering Analysis Paralysis – The Playbook, Ep. 8

Managing digital advertising campaigns can be empowering, exciting, and...overwhelming. Which performance metrics should you monitor daily, and which can you filter out? Learn about which campaign KPIs are most worthy of your time and focus.

Minimizing Complexity In Digital Advertising – The Playbook, Ep. 7

There are many factors that make executing a successful campaign all the more difficult. The right tools and capabilities can make complexities easier to manage. Learn how to streamline the management of complex ad campaigns.

Advertising with Lookalike Audiences – The Playbook, Ep. 6

Once you've found a high-performing audience using interest and keyword targeting, how do you scale user acquisition ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Find out why targeting "lookalike audiences" is a critical strategy for growth.

Scaling Campaign Success – The Playbook, Ep. 5

After a successful ad campaign launch, how do you maintain a high level of performance and ROI? Learn about two different campaign phases -- launch and scale -- and how to effectively maximize returns in each to stay competitive.

The Truth About Digital Advertising Budgets – The Playbook, Ep. 4

If you have a budget of $90K to spend on Instagram advertising for user acquisition, how do you allocate it most effectively to drive the best possible performance? Learn the importance of dynamic budgeting and the difference between "explore" and "exploit."

Online Video Ads: Interstitial vs. Autoplay – The Playbook, Ep. 3

The popularity of video ads is exploding, but what is the best way to use them to drive more revenue? Learn the difference interstitial and native autoplay video ads, and why it’s important to tailor your approach to the unique requirements of both.

User Value in Online Advertising – The Playbook, Ep. 2

If your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ad strategy is based solely on driving the least expensive app installs, purchases, or email registrations, you may be leaving significant revenue on the table. Learn why it's critical to optimize campaigns for true lifetime value.

The Cost of Testing Online Ads – The Playbook, Ep. 1

When testing online ads, how big should your sample set be? How much of your budget should you expect to spend to determine whether an ad is getting in front of the right audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Watch and learn!