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The Inner Workings of Amazon Advertising

Amazon is known to millions as a brick-and-mortar killing, Whole Foods acquiring, on-demand cloud providing, online marketplace where you can buy anything, industry-disrupting juggernaut.

But as an advertising platform? Not so much. But that’s changing fast.

After generating $1.7 billion in ad revenue in 2017, Amazon topped that amount in Q1 alone with $2 billion. The company is still far behind the Facebook and Google duopoly, but its skyrocketing ad revenue in Q1 (a 139% year-over-year increase) is setting the scene for a breakthrough year for Amazon advertising.

Nevertheless, the technology behind Amazon’s advertising growth is not well-known. The infographic below provides a lay of the land for Amazon’s different advertising services and explains how brands are using them to serve ads on Amazon properties and the open web.

Click here or on the image below to download a full-size version of the infographic.

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