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Powering the world’s most successful in-house advertising teams.

Nanigans advertising automation software empowers in-house marketing teams to grow the revenue impact of their digital advertising.

Automate your customer acquisition and remarketing campaigns with cross-channel programmatic media buying, predictive revenue optimization, and real-time business intelligence tools — all offered through a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) subscription model. Subscriptions are tiered based on number of software seats, ad spend allotments, and number of apps or sites.


One End-to-End Solution

Gain in-house control and remove data silos through one interface that unites ad creation, optimization, and analytics for iterative, data-driven ad management

Cross-Channel ROI Automation

Dynamically deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time through multichannel, cross-device, universal bidding and optimization

Data Unification & Transparency

Unify first party data and benefit from real-time business intelligence tools offering unmatched transparency into cost, ROI, bids, and performance data

Benefit from a full suite of technologies built for in-house advertisers. Here’s what Nanigans can do for you.

Cross-Channel ROI

Automate and scale campaigns across today’s most valuable digital channels.


Reach and retarget an audience of 1.79 billion potential customers with powerful advertising automation software.


Inspire action in a creative visual community that engages more than 500 million people around the world.


Join the conversation and reach a real-time global network of highly engaged users with the right message in the right moment.

Mobile Exchange

Maximize your campaign reach with programmatic access to mobile web and in-app ads on the leading mobile ad exchanges.

Predictive Optimization

Find your next best customer with Predictive Lifetime Value® based automated bidding and optimization algorithms.

Value-Based Bidding

Using sophisticated Predictive Lifetime Value machine learning, Nanigans bids to maximize your return. Spend with confidence, knowing your bids are backed by deep data intelligence.

Intelligent Pacing

Don’t let shifting ad market dynamics hurt campaign performance. Advanced pacing algorithms allocate your budget smartly throughout the day, always optimizing for ROI.

Creative Testing

Uncover the ad creative combinations that resonate most with customers. Quickly test thousands of images and copy variations and boost only those that drive peak performance.

Real-Time Business Intelligence

Analyze and take action on real-time and lifetime performance using 100+ reporting attributes with interactive visualizations and dashboards.

Total Transparency

Enjoy unparalleled visibility into costs, bids, and decisioning logic through full data transparency. No other platform enables you to track, surface, and activate your own data like Nanigans.

Multidimensional Analytics

Leverage your data every step of the way through a unified interface for ad creation, optimization, and analytics. Actionable reporting tools give you immediate insight and control.

Dashboards & Visuals

Monitor multiple campaigns from one screen with interactive data visualizations. Powerful tools like Cohort Analysis give an at-a-glance picture of real-time and lifetime performance.

Customizable Metrics

Bridge the gap between “vanity metrics” and truly actionable data. Calculate unique business metrics with custom formulas that can fully integrate with your internal systems and tools.

Flexible Filtering

Apply an unlimited number of filtering rules to your reporting and ad management views. Drill deep down into campaign performance to focus on the granular metrics that matter most.

Collaborative Reporting

Quickly and easily save and share custom reporting views to enable efficient collaboration across teams, eliminating import/export and version control headaches.

End-to-End Workflow Automation

Save time and maximize efficiency with an intuitive multichannel interface and a highly modular ad campaign structure.

Combinatorial Ad Building

Keep data front and center as you design, target, and deploy multichannel ads through one unified interface. Automate thousands of ad combinations to reach your customers fast.

Rules-Based Retargeting

Reengage your best customers with the most relevant ads through flexible ROI-based rule building. Save time and reach high-value shoppers, repeat purchasers, and more.

Dynamic Budgeting

Specify budgets and allow advanced algorithms to ensure you only pay for the highest performing ads across channels. Granular thresholds give you full spend control at scale.

Unified Data Activation

Build a complete picture of customer behavior and leverage cross-device insights for universal multichannel campaign optimization.

Deep Data Integration

Achieve end-to-end integrated tracking across your mobile and desktop website and apps with Nanigans desktop pixels and a single lightweight mobile SDK.

Downstream Optimization

Optimize for downstream goals and lifetime ROI using data collected and synced across channels and devices. Bid smarter with deep cross-channel insight on customer behavior.

Unified Customer View

Benefit from a universal cross-channel view of each customer and leverage actions and conversion activity from one channel to improve campaign performance on another.


Your success is our top priority.

Nanigans Customer Success teams offer deep vertical expertise and provide training and ongoing cross-functional support so you can master Nanigans software, optimize performance, and scale your customer acquisition and remarketing success.

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  • Wayfair teams have been long-time users of Nanigans ad automation software to manage our large, complex social and mobile ad campaigns and quantify how these efforts drive growth for our business.
    WayfairPatrick BakerManager, Social Advertising

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