Ad Engine

For performance marketers who want to take control of their digital advertising in-house, Nanigans offers best-in-class ad automation software.

Nanigans’ Ad Engine is built for scale with workflow automation, predictive optimization, deep data integrations, and real-time and lifetime reporting tools.

Using predictive logic, machine learning algorithms and other technology, Nanigans’ Ad Engine offers performance marketers a comprehensive SaaS platform to help maximize return on ad spend by identifying high value audiences and managing the workflow involved to optimize ad spend to meet true business goals.

Platform Features

Predictive Lifetime Value

Assure you acquire high-value targets with the greatest lifetime ROI with algorithms that project customer purchase behavior over time

Workflow Management

An easy-to-use, flexible and comprehensive platform for ad management, creation, bidding, budgeting, testing, optimization and deployment

Insights & Reporting

Gain full transparency into ad spend, return and algorithm decisioning logic with real-time reporting and analysis on 100+ parameters

Predictive Lifetime Value

Nanigans uses predictive logic and value-based explore and exploit strategies to project, bid and optimize ad spend for lifetime value. Our machine learning algorithms not only adapt to market conditions, but become more effective to each unique advertiser over time by using deep data integration, maturity curves and layered data to inform goal-based dynamic bidding. Our affinity modeling tool further enables advertisers to identify high-value lookalikes.

Workflow Management

Nanigans offers advertisers a comprehensive solution for workflow and campaign strategy management at scale. Designate campaign goals, budgets and bidding strategies and benefit from an automated and streamlined process for ad creation, testing and scaling. Nanigans supports real-time dynamic creative and rules-based retargeting, automating creative from product feeds and targeting from CRM information tied to downstream behavior.

Insights & Reporting

Nanigans reporting and insights tools offer advertisers full transparency into true media cost, revenue data and bidding decisioning logic, while reporting on over 100 customer analytics parameters in real-time. Our cohort analysis tool enables advertisers to track consumer purchase and engagement behavior over time, including lifetime, as well as gather substantial customer insight to apply toward future ad strategy.


  • Nanigans’ Facebook advertising solution allows the Vistaprint team to effectively find and acquire profitable customers at scale. We’ve gained valuable insights into our customers throughout the path to purchase, which has enabled us to better understand the impact of our Facebook advertising investment.
    VistaprintMatthew TrattlesHead of Online Display & Social Media
  • Nanigans has been an excellent strategic partner that has allowed us to maximize our ability to test, learn and react accordingly for all levels of our Facebook campaigns. They have and will continue to maximize our advertising strategy on Facebook.
    Rue La LaEric ShermanSr. Manager, Acquisition Marketing
  • Facebook is one of the most disruptive direct response channels of our time, and Nanigans has held an unwavering focus from the onset on measuring and predicting true return and revenue from the channel.
    MerkleMegan PagliucaGM & VP Digital Media
  • We’re gaining higher lifetime via Facebook than we are from anywhere else. Right now, Facebook is our most effective marketing channel.
    Fab.comTom BeverlyVP Marketing
  • The CEO told me that he doesn’t make a move on Facebook without first talking to his team at Nanigans. He feels like Nanigans is his engineering and his critical partners – they are in fact his strategic partners in making Facebook successful.
    FacebookBlake ChandleeVP Partnerships
  • Nanigans’ data shows how moving beyond proxy metrics toward lifetime value and ROI helps retailers find continued and more efficient success on Facebook.
    FacebookMichael RandallGlobal Head, Preferred Marketing Developer Program

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