Nanigans for Agencies & Trading Desks

Deliver Value to CMOs Worldwide

Nanigans’ cloud marketing platform is now available to agencies and trading desks committed to data-driven marketing:

  • Predict, measure and quantify the true return and lifetime ROI of social advertising
  • Programmatically scale performance with confidence with Predictive Lifetime Value™
  • Develop an in-house social and mobile advertising competency to win clients

Why Nanigans

Find your client’s most valuable customers where they spend the most time – on social and mobile.

The world’s largest performance marketers have acquired profitable customers and generated significant sales with Nanigans’ platform, resulting in success stories such as finding customers with 10X greater purchasing intent and 2X higher lifetime value.

  • $350M+ in annualized ad spend
  • 45% of spend delivered to mobile
  • 2B+ conversions, such as purchases
  • 1B+ impressions delivered daily
  • $1M for 1 client in 1 day – profitably


Win Clients with Social & Mobile Experts

Social is no longer just engagement marketing; it’s performance marketing — and large scale budgets are flowing:

With an ever-changing native ad environment and technically advanced ad products, social and mobile advertising can be complex — opening the door of opportunity for agencies to develop in-house competencies and leadership. Nanigans offers its agency partners:

  • In-depth training and an always-on knowledge base of both platform and ad products
  • Daily education on the constantly evolving social and mobile ad marketplaces
  • Multi-layered certification program to ensure partners have skills necessary to excel

Featured Agencies

  • Facebook is one of the most disruptive direct response channels of our time, and Nanigans has held an unwavering focus from the onset on measuring and predicting true return and revenue from the channel.
    MerkleMegan PagliucaGM & VP Digital Media