Humans vs. Robots: When to Cede Control of Facebook Campaigns (Infographic)

There are many moving parts to a Facebook campaign: Selecting an audience, building and testing creative, bidding, monitoring costs, figuring out where in the Facebook ecosystem to place ads, and managing the inevitable adjustments.

Of course Facebook — as well as various FMPs (Facebook marketing partners) — offers automation technologies that tap into Facebook’s treasure trove of data. These tools test ads and target users with the scale and accuracy that’s beyond human capability.

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Yet not all features of a Facebook ad campaign should be left to algorithms. A campaign requires consistent adjusting … of audience types, costs, and creative assets. Human intuition, accompanied by data, can still be the best tool for deciding whether to accelerate or pump the brakes on a campaign.

We provide more detailed explanations for the human vs. robot debate in the infographic below. Click here or on the infographic to download a full-size version.



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