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Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram Stories Will Make Advertisers Stop Taking Creative for Granted

Last year, a franchisee of Mighty Auto Parts put a message on a road sign: “They are back. Pumpkin spice brake pads.” With pickup on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, that goofy come-on showed a message can transcend a medium if it says something unexpected and interesting. As advertising pioneer David Ogilvy once said: “The drama belongs to what you say, not in the typeface.” Yet for the past decade the ad industry has given short shrift to the message and […]

FBI investigation of ad agencies

FBI Ad Practices Probe Yet Another Reason to Take Advertising In-house

The FBI dealt a major blow to the advertising industry’s image this fall when it began probing media-buying practices of agencies. Like the ANA’s investigation two years ago, the FBI’s involvement is another sign of the lack of transparency between advertisers and their media-buying “partners”. The FBI is reportedly looking into whether ad agencies received rebates from media outlets. A Wall Street Journal story claimed that the FBI had subpoenaed ad holding company Havas SA. In October the ANA announced […]

Humans vs. Robots: When to Cede Control of Facebook Campaigns (Infographic)

There are many moving parts to a Facebook campaign: Selecting an audience, building and testing creative, bidding, monitoring costs, figuring out where in the Facebook ecosystem to place ads, and managing the inevitable adjustments. Of course Facebook — as well as various FMPs (Facebook marketing partners) — offers automation technologies that tap into Facebook’s treasure trove of data. These tools test ads and target users with the scale and accuracy that’s beyond human capability. Related post: The Four Types of […]

Facebook's retention optimization

TIL: Facebook’s Retention Optimization

This is the latest post in our “TIL (today I learned)” blog series that puts a spotlight on specific digital advertising technologies and strategies. Today we give you the lowdown on Facebook’s “Retention Optimization.” WTF is Retention Optimization? Retention Optimization is another effective way for mobile app advertisers to use Facebook’s vast data to refine their acquisition strategies. It joins other Facebook ad targeting methodologies App Event Optimization (seeks new installers likely to complete an in-app action — usually a […]

Playable ads for retailers

3 Ideas for Making Playable Ads a Boon for Retailers Too

In August Facebook debuted Playable ads, allowing gaming companies running app-install campaigns to let users play a game within an ad before downloading it. A fun Playable ad with clear instructions can lure in gamers and improve app installs as a result. Gaming company Rovio saw a 34% lower cost per install when utilizing Facebook Playable ads for Angry Birds Blast, as compared to traditional video ads for the same title. Related post: What Ecommerce and Gaming Advertisers Can Learn […]