How Luxury Brand Reebonz Increased ROI 530% With High Value App Downloads [Case Study]

ReebonzReebonz (@ReebonzME) is an online platform for buying and selling a wide range of luxury products and services, including items from the world’s most popular designers. Reebonz partnered with Nanigans (@Nanigans) and used its advertising automation software: designed to empower in-house marketing teams to accelerate the growth and revenue impact of their digital advertising.

The opportunity

Reebonz was about to move into a new market: the Middle East. It wanted to boost brand awareness amongst women in the region, drive downloads of the app that customers could use to buy products in its online store, and maximize advertising revenue using Twitter as its platform of choice.

The strategy

Leveraging Nanigans advertising automation software, Reebonz used App Cards featuring strong graphics that would appeal to its target market of women living in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. The brand used Tailored Audiences to reach users who had previously installed similar apps. With interest targeting, it connected with people who liked Beauty, Style & fashion and Travel. With @username targeting, it reached users who were following popular designer brands like @BALENCIAGA, @givenchy, @YSL and @Prada.

Three steps to success

1. Explore your targeting opportunities to optimize reach.

As the campaign progressed, Reebonz used Nanigans’ software tools to create and test different targeting options, then monitor the performance of each. With the results, it fine-tuned its targeting choices to better zero in on its ideal audience, and find people who would be keen to download the app and buy products through it.

2. Use a simple, strong brand identity to stand out in the crowd.

Reebonz knew that there are many brands in its sector trying to get the attention of people in its new market, the Middle East. The company positioned itself with a simple identity: the perfect one-stop online shop for the best in luxury and designer products.

3. Monitor your campaign in real time to boost performance.

Reebonz monitored the performance of each image used in an App Card, analyzed its most popular content, and created new images that would appeal more strongly to its target audience.

The results


increase in app installs


increase in ROI


decrease in CPI

Reebonz achieved a growth of 4x new app installations monthly over the course of the campaign and gained 3,344 new followers. The brand also reduced its average cost per install (CPI) by more than 20%. Most importantly, the new app installations were made by high-quality users, with higher frequency of purchases. Reebonz achieved over 530% return on investment (ROI) in the first quarter of 2016.

  • We found Twitter’s Tailored Audience targeting very useful, especially the App Store category, which allowed us to aim our campaign at people who have installed similar Travel and Lifestyle apps on their mobile devices. Twitter and Nanigans algorithms were able to give us a much higher lifetime value of our customers than any other similar social advertisement platforms.
    J.K. BaseerDigital Strategist

Try for yourself

App Cards

Reebonz used App Cards to provide users with a seamless transfer to the app’s download page.

Tailored Audience

Reebonz used Tailored Audience to reach users who had installed similar apps.

Reebonz Twitter ad