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Nanigans' comprehensive advertising automation SaaS for in-house marketing teams features:

  • Time-Saving Workflow Automation
  • Advanced Predictive Optimization
  • Custom & Deep Data Integrations
  • World-Class Insights & Reporting

Wayfair teams have been long-time users of Nanigans ad automation software to manage our large, complex social and mobile ad campaigns and quantify how these efforts drive growth for our business.

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Offered through a Software-as-a-Service model, Nanigans subscriptions are tier based on the number of software seats, ad spend allotments, and number of apps or websites. 

Patrick Baker

No one knows your customers better than you. Take control of your digital advertising.

Ecommerce, gaming, and other digital companies leverage Nanigans to:

  • Drive business goals important to the CEO, from acquiring customers to increasing sales 
  • Invest programmatically in finding and scaling a profitable customer base
  • Generate positive return on social and mobile ad spend


Advertisers who are a good match for Nanigans typically invest at least double digit ad spend every month on today's most valuable social channels.

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