Q1 2015 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

This report highlights key trends seen by companies leveraging Nanigans software to manage, optimize, and measure their performance marketing ad campaigns on Facebook in Q1 2015.

Q4 2014 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

Facebook ads delivered strong Q4 2014 performance during a competitive holiday advertising season. This report includes CTR, CPC, CPM, and spend trends on Facebook’s desktop and mobile channels, analyzed from ad impressions delivered by companies leveraging Nanigans software.

2014 Ecommerce Holiday Advertising Trends Preview

During the holidays, the online advertising stakes are high and increased advertising competition makes strategic planning vital. To inform in-house advertisers going into the 2014 holiday season, this report highlights purchase rate and cost trends from last year, based on the top ad units leveraged by ecommerce companies on Facebook.

Q3 2014 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

This report features insight on Facebook advertising trends seen by companies leveraging Nanigans ad automation software in Q3 2014. It includes aggregate data on CTR, CPC, CPM, and ad spend on Facebook's desktop and mobile channels.

Q2 2014 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

This report offers CMOs and performance advertisers key Q2 2014 benchmark data on Facebook advertising CTR, CPM, CPC, and ad spend trends to inform strategy and planning for advertising campaigns at scale.

Facebook Advertising Benchmarks Q1 2014

Q1 2014 Facebook Advertising Trends Report

Nanigans data shows that brands were willing to pay more for advertising in the first quarter of 2014. This report explores the latest Facebook ad trends in CPM, CPC, CTR, and RPC across desktop and mobile channels.

Q4 2013 Facebook Global Advertising Trends Report

According to data from Nanigans’ clients in Q4 2013, advertisers found their Facebook marketing delivered more revenue-per-click quarter over quarter and year over year on desktop and mobile, despite higher costs.

Q4 2013 Facebook Retail Advertising Trends Report

Facebook advertising has significantly evolved in 2013, offering retailers a breadth of sophisticated performance marketing opportunities. This report explores the latest trends in CPM, CPC, and RPC for retailer performance marketers.

Gaming Benchmark Report

Nanigans has leveraged its database of billions of digital advertising impressions served to create a benchmark report with strategy recommendations specific to gaming developers advertising on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report – Retail

Offering support for retail CMOs to increase their Facebook advertising budgets, the report highlights retailers achieving strong return and engagement on Facebook — averaging 152% ROI for 2013 with 3.75X higher CTRs than a year ago.