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Nanigans software makes it easy to benefit from Predictive Lifetime Value®. Learn about the core Predictive Lifetime Value based tools and machine learning algorithms built into our platform below.

Maturity Curves

Model & Recognize Early Revenue

Early revenue and profitability recognition is core to predicting future value.


Nanigans leverages maturity curves to model how your customers purchase over time – both historically as well as from paid media efforts. This is done at the onset of a campaign to both help curb cold-start problems and to understand the parameters most critical in influencing the purchase behavior for your company.

Once a new customer has been acquired, it’s imperative to begin tracking his or her purchase behavior in real-time by employing Nanigans’ pixel measurement technology. This enables you to compare a customer or audience’s purchase maturity against average behavior in the minutes, hours, and days from engaging with an ad.

By utilizing maturity curves, advertisers can immediately begin to map whether or not customers acquired are of high value.

Cohort Analysis

Understand Downstream & Long Term Behavior

While early revenue recognition is critical to Predictive Lifetime Value, equally so is understanding purchase behavior over time. The cohort analysis tool in Nanigans’ platform does just this, empowering marketers to understand and compare the value generated by ad placements and customers in the days, weeks and months after your initial ads are delivered.


Cohort analysis helps advertisers surface trends and pinpoint the details of the advertising strategies generating the greatest lifetime value. Understanding historical performance and measuring lifetime value empowers advertisers to apply their most successful strategies to current campaigns at scale.

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Affinity Modeling

Identify High Value Lookalike Audiences

With an understanding of your best customers, it’s important to then expand targeting to people and audiences who share similar characteristics. Affinity analysis is core to this, and Nanigans’ lookalike modeling tool was built specifically for this for social and mobile advertising.

PLTV_affinitymodelingLookalike modeling helps you discover new audiences with a high probability of becoming customers, helping you scale with certainty.

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Layered Data & Machine Learning Algorithms

Bid & Optimize for Expected Value

PLTV_CrystalBallNanigans has dedicated 4 years of research and development into customizable, value-based machine learning algorithms that work to predict the future value of audiences to inform more intelligent and efficient media buying.

These algorithms adapt and learn what factors are most indicative in driving lifetime value for your brand, separating the signal from the noise with layered data, and optimizing ad spend based on expected performance and the capacity to deliver budget.

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Prefer a visual walkthrough? Don’t miss this infographic demystifying Predictive Lifetime Value:

Invest in Your Most Profitable Customers with Predictive Lifetime Value [Infographic]