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M.Gemi: A Step in the Right Direction

“Using campaign management, optimization, and reporting tools from Nanigans’ advertising automation software, M.Gemi developed a series of best practices for future campaigns. For instance, the company found that its best performing ads usually had text directly on the image, allowing these ads to stand out against typical Instagram content. For its ads targeted to men, however, the company found that less text-focused creative was most effective.”

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What Will Facebook’s Earnings Be Like? Look To Google

“Strength seems to be across both brand and Direct Response. Nanigans’ 20 highest-spending ecommerce and game advertisers (DR) showed a 249% average increase in quarterly ad budgets, with a 26% Y/Y jump in return on ad spend (ROAS).”

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3 Mind-Blowing Facebook Canvas Ads Marketers Need to See

“Facebook’s Canvas ads are unlike any other format available on social media. This interactive ad unit fills an entire smartphone or tablet screen, combining images, video and carousel to create a memorable and stunning visual experience on mobile.

And although Canvas ads are still a relatively new ad offering from Facebook, many businesses are already exploring ways to use them for various direct response objectives. We’ve rounded up three examples from brands who are dazzling viewers and driving clicks with Canvas ads.”

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Fueled by the Audience Network, Facebook Advertisers Saw Higher Q3 Spends & Returns

“A new report from social ad automation company Nanigans shows substantial growth in both YoY Facebook ad spend and on the overall Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). In Q3 2016, the average increase in ad spend was +249 percent YoY, while the average ROAS was also up 26 percent from 2015.”

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Facebook Ads Pay Off for Retailers in Q3

“Retailers boosted their spending on Facebook Inc. ads by 249% on average in the third quarter, according to social media advertising firm Nanigans.

The vendor released a report today examining 20 of the highest-spending e-commerce and game advertisers that used its platform over the past year which says the average return on its clients’ Facebook ad spend grew 26% in the third quarter.”

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