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The Stat-Backed Holiday Advertising Tips to Know for 2016

“For e-commerce marketers looking to capitalize on the largest shopping season of the year, online advertising becomes a game of inches. While the underlying motivations of shoppers are important during the holiday season, so are the on-the-ground behavioral trends.

This is something I helped study as part of Nanigans’ latest holiday e-commerce advertising report (email registration required), where we examined a full year’s worth of Facebook advertising activity across our wide range of e-commerce-focused clients, noting average differences in same-advertiser November and December metrics from pre-holiday levels.”

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4 Retailers Turning Heads on Social Media with Video Ads

“As ecommerce and omnichannel retail advertisers look to stay ahead of their competitors, they’re increasingly turning to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to reach new audiences. In fact, eCommerce ad spend among Nanigans customers was 65% mobile in Q2 2016.

And as mobile advertising ramps up among retailers, so does spend towards mobile video ads. In Q1 2016, 26% more mobile ad spend was allocated to video formats in North America. That same quarter in Asia-Pacific, there was an astounding 46% increase in mobile video ad spend.”

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Facebook has Revamped its Retail Coupon Offering

“The social media giant’s Offers section is an attractive platform for retailers, given the high engagement with regular ads on Facebook. E-commerce merchants saw their average return on ad spend via Facebook grow 75% in Q2 2016, according to a report from Nanigans. The growth in return on ad spend can be partially attributed to a 200% increase in ad spend on Facebook during the quarter.”

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Which Social Media Company Won the Olympics?

“Nanigans, an Instagram ad partner, says the cost per click of an ad on Instagram is three times higher than on Facebook, but that’s a result of lower ad engagement. Cost per impression is actually lower; that may be due to the large concentration of branded advertising on Instagram, compared to direct-response marketing on Facebook. Branded advertisers care more about impressions, while direct-response advertisers care more about clicks.”

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A look at Facebook’s carousel ad and the latest pricing trends on the network

“Performance and the increasing importance of mobile seem to be driving adoption of these units. We’ve seen mobile metrics for traditional carousel and carousel MAI ads generally outpace other similar ad units at a high level, and spend on both is heavily weighted towards mobile users.”

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