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We Drove 1 Million Mobile App Installs on Facebook for Less Than $1 Each

We drove more than 1 million mobile app installs on Facebook in the past few months, and our cost-per-install (CPI) averaged less than $1.00. We achieved these results across multiple clients and verticals, and we fine-tuned our advertising strategy with every dollar spent. We’re convinced our process is the most efficient for driving mobile app installs on Facebook, and we’re excited to highlight our strategy for you. Many advertisers tell us they’re happy with a CPI below $4.00, whereas we […]


Cracking The Fractional Attribution Conundrum

This article was originally published in AdExchanger. When I approached the register last weekend at a local Best Buy to purchase an iPhone charger, I was asked if anyone had helped me with my shopping. I said yes, even though the young man who assisted me did nothing more than point me in the general direction of iPhone accessories. I assume he received credit for my purchase although he didn’t do much to drive that revenue. He didn’t create the […]