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Are You Taking Advantage of Facebook’s Cross-Device Tracking Capabilities?

The topic of cross-device tracking was brought up several times during Facebook’s Q3 2014 earnings call last week. COO Sheryl Sandberg referenced the evolution from cookie-based browser tracking on PCs to the challenge of monitoring multichannel, offline/online customer behavior, explaining: “We’re investing in ad tech for a simple reason: Consumers are shifting quickly to mobile and the advertising industry is not keeping up. Today, the average adult in the US spends nearly 25% of their media time on mobile, but […]

3 Data Tracking Tips For In-House Advertisers Using Conversions

A conversion is any customer action that adds value to your business, such as a visit, signup or registration, product view, purchase, or app installation. We track these actions to understand which of your ad placements are leading to business and revenue for your company, and to optimize future campaigns through our platform’s algorithm. Last week we launched a new Conversions Setup tool, putting more control of the Ad Engine kickoff process in the hands of in-house marketers. Here are some […]

Introducing Tracking Rules: Ad Tracking, Simplified

Ad tracking is a crucial step in getting actionable insight from ad performance. But historically ad tracking has been difficult to set up and included adding specific tracking parameters to each ad placement making tracking possible, but difficult. Today, Nanigans introduced Tracking Rules, a new product that simplifies the setup and tracking of ad performance. With Tracking Rules advertisers only set up tracking parameters once – then never worry about them again. Using Tracking Rules advertisers can: Easily set up […]