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How to Succeed in eCommerce Advertising: 6 Creative Best Practices

The future looks bright for eCommerce advertising. According to eMarketer, global B2C eCommerce sales will increase by 20.1% this year to reach $1.500 trillion, spurred by the adoption of mobile devices in emerging markets, the proliferation of online payment options, and more sophisticated shipping methods. Similarly, eMarketer’s US Retail eCommerce Sales Growth by Product Categories chart displays healthy (12-15% YOY) increases in 2015, especially in the books/music/video, apparel & accessories, toys & hobby, furniture & home furnishings verticals. As direct response advertising […]

5 Ways eCommerce Can Get Creative With Summer

Trees have finally started to sprout tiny buds and Easter candy’s half off. Unfortunately, for us New Englanders this means our 3 weeks of spring are almost over – but on the bright side – we have the long, sunny days of summer ahead of us. Kids and college students are already in countdown mode to summer vacation – and that means advertisers should be, too.  The season of less clothes/more R & R presents an excellent opportunity for eCommerce […]

Static vs. Dynamic Ads

Marketers make a lot of choices on a daily basis, and the information they act on changes frequently. In an effort to keep the advertising industry straight, we’ve launched a new series of blog posts, affectionately titled “Versus.” Here we will discuss two sides of Facebook advertising, and how each can help your brand. As we’ve said before, there are a few rules you should always follow when it comes to Facebook ad creative; namely: 1.  Keep the branding uniform, […]

How to Leverage Page Post Ads in the News Feed

Marketers are increasingly shifting their Facebook advertising spend from standard domain ads in the right hand side of Facebook to Page Post Ads that appear in users’ News Feeds. Why? Because ads that appear in people’s New Feeds deliver 14% higher ROI (return on ad spend investment) than standard domain ads. Nanigans has complied some best practices and a new study to demonstrate how effective Page Post Ads in the News Feed are in delivering positive ROI for advertisers What […]