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Featured Image - Twitter Demographics

Twitter Demographics: A Guide For Direct Response Advertisers

Twitter represents a tremendous opportunity for direct response advertisers. The site is an ROI driver thanks to its ability to deliver highly relevant ads via keyword targeting. Plus, tailored audiences make it the perfect platform for boosting user acquisition, retention and sales. What do advertisers need to know about Twitter’s 320 million monthly active users? Pew Research Center recently conducted an in-depth study of Twitter’s highly engaged mobile audience. The study found that among all online adults, 23% used Twitter […]

Millennials love social media.

Social Media ADD: Marketing to Millennials

As I sit here in the Nanigans office (the nicest one I’ve ever been in) and think about how I am going to write this blog post I get distracted. As a 22-year-old college student I am constantly fighting the urge to visit my Facebook page or finally give in to the urge of opening my iPhone, which has been vibrating for the last hour. Lord knows if I open up that thing there is no way I won’t check […]