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Remarketing on a Fragmented Internet

Facebook, Google, and ‘Other’: Why Internet Fragmentation Creates Pain for Marketers

Potential customers abandon site shopping carts all the time. But the digital journey they now take after leaving a site has become much more fragmented and challenging for advertisers to keep track of. Does your potential customer visit a competitor’s site? Does she check her Gmail or Yahoo email? Where will she spend her next thirty minutes online or even her next ten “digital hours”? On Instagram? Buzzfeed? YouTube? Listening to music on Spotify? Related post: Remarketing on a Fragmented […]

Ad Tech Supply Chain

Nickel and Dimed: The Programmatic Supply Chain Fee Hits [Infographic]

It seems simple enough: An advertiser wants to run an ad on a publisher’s site. But in the digital world, what should be a party of two (an advertiser and a publisher) is a party of five or six when you include all the supply chain players. This chain creates a lot of steps between an ad and where it runs. And a lot of fees … with fee amounts determined by the middlemen themselves. Related post: In-House Programmatic: Why […]


Remarketing on a Fragmented Internet: Three Major Challenges [Ebook]

Creating opportunities to engage with your remarketing audience in the right moments requires making media buying decisions across a fragmented internet. From the perspective of a marketer, there are now three internets: the Google internet, the Facebook internet, and the open internet. Remarketing across all three obviously complicates remarketing and introduces three challenges for marketing teams. Cross-Channel Orchestration Because AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager, and DSPs (demand side platforms) are independent systems, the media buying decisions of one system have no […]