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A Day in the Life of a Facebook Marketer

What’s it really like to be a Facebook marketer? Having managed campaigns for 200+ of the world’s leading performance marketers, we know that there can be a lot on a Facebook marketer’s plate every day. How do you hire a Facebook marketer? Specializing in Facebook marketing is relatively new, but there might be some key things to look out for.  We look for candidates who are highly analytical and creative. Since the core of the Facebook campaign management role is […]


How to Market to Millennials on Facebook

An ongoing assertion is that millennials, the generation of people now 18 to 34 years old, are fleeing Facebook. While it’s no secret that millennials’ social activity is more fragmented, Facebook remains the strong leader in the competition for their attention. When looking at the total time spent among leading social networking sites, millennials spend at least three-quarters of their time on Facebook, indicating that they are expanding their use of social media but not at the expense of Facebook. […]

E-Commerce Webinar: How to Scale Your Facebook Marketing

We’re thrilled to announce some great news for e-commerce marketers this morning! Nanigans will be teaming up with our friends over at RJ Metrics for a webinar next week on 2/26 at 1 PM EST all about e-commerce marketing on Facebook. If you’re wondering why your competitors are spending millions per month on Facebook, come learn how they think about going to market around the following themes: We’ll also have time for Q+A, so don’t miss out. Looking forward to […]

10 Innovations Facebook Marketers Could See in 2014

As a marketing channel, it’s safe to assume that Facebook will continue to dominate in 2014. Facebook boasts a massive (1.19 billion users), highly engaged audience offering a tremendous opportunity for marketers to build brand awareness, engage existing customers and find new ones. While there have been numerous factors critical to Facebook’s advertising success, at the core is the company’s commitment to innovation. The social network is hyper focused on creating a great experience for users by providing what’s most valuable […]


2014 Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Advertising [eBook]

As a marketing channel it’s safe to assume that Facebook will continue to dominate in 2014.  Facebook’s massive reach and constant innovation offers an abundance of opportunities for advertisers to drive ROI. Offering support to CMOs and marketers, our latest eBook, 2014 Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Advertising dives into the latest Facebook advertising trends and offers best practice advice to help guide you as you take advantage of the evolving Facebook advertising landscape. Some highlights from the eBook include: Mobile […]