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Facebook Video and Dynamic Ads Power Strong Q4 2017 for Ecommerce, Game Marketers [Report]

The fourth quarter of 2017 proved once again how much Facebook has become a vital platform for advertising. The latest trends show how marketers are capitalizing on every opportunity to drive revenue growth across Facebook’s global network of users. Nanigans’ new Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report, released today, highlights the two big themes of Q4 2017: video and dynamic ads. New Nanigans data underscores how online retailers, in particular, are investing heavily in dynamic ads to target more shoppers with more […]

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Why Ecommerce Marketers Should Avoid Ad Retargeting’s Black Box

Display retargeting has been described as “the sledgehammer of the web”, hitting shoppers over and over with ads for a product they looked at once. While some consumers may be annoyed, online retailers continue retargeting as an advertising tactic because it works. Studies have shown these ads, which are individually targeted and fully automated by software, elicit more consumer interest than ads that are untargeted or based on user demographics. Such retargeting ads even subtly shift consumers’ thinking, making them […]

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Spend Less on Retargeting, Get More from Your Ad Budget During Holidays and Beyond

When you picture the holiday buying season, you probably envision mobs of shoppers edging their way through store aisles. That’s only half the story. Actually, it’s less than half. A Deloitte survey of 4,000 Americans shows that for the first time ever, consumers plan to do 51% of their holiday shopping spending online. So a more accurate picture of holiday shoppers might be someone sitting at home in their pajamas tapping on their iPad. For marketers, this means that competition […]

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2018 Ad Tech Predictions: This Is the Year Marketers Get Real

Expect 2018 to be a year of reckoning. In our experience, marketers are increasingly seizing the reins and taking control. As they do, they’re asking hard questions of themselves and their vendors and many times the answers aren’t pretty. There will be four big trends in 2018 as a result of marketers taking control. Marketers will demand transparency The industry has been on notice for some time about fraud within the ad tech sector. A 2016 ANA study found that […]

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How Retargeting Delivers Incremental Revenue [Video]

CTR, CPA, ROAS. These are industry acronyms and metrics that everyone knows. But while they’re all fairly easy to report on, a lingering question persists: Do they truly reflect the effectiveness of your advertising? That’s the elephant in the room for digital advertisers. And the ugly truth is that by putting too much faith in these proxy metrics, the industry has been optimizing performance the wrong way. Related post: Dynamic Creative: What You Need to Know for Better Retargeting [Report] […]