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Marketing Moneyball: Why In-House Advertising Changes Everything [eBook]

In case you missed it, last week we announced our sharpened focus on the Nanigans blog. As our CEO Ric Calvillo explained to AdExchanger, we are now focusing solely on our SaaS platform and how it can help in-house advertisers meet and exceed user acquisition and re-engagement goals. We know that skilled in-house marketers make the best operators of our automated media buying software because they can incorporate customer touch points, keen data insights, industry expertise and creative testing into […]

What a Marketer Has to Do Every 5 Minutes [Study]

Automation or manual? When it comes to Facebook performance marketing, the marketer’s dilemma often hinges on whether to use automation software to bid and run ads or to manage their campaign manually. We conducted a study with two premier technology marketers to find out how many marketers it would take to make all of the campaign optimizations Nanigans’ Ad Engine software makes every five minutes to stay competitive on Facebook. The results are fascinating… Download our latest study as we […]