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2015: The Year of the In-House Advertiser

As we wrap up and look back at 2014, a few trends stand out: Programmatic media buying Real-time bidding Mobile Why is in-house advertising set to take off? It’s pretty clear that these “trends” aren’t going anywhere — they’re pieces of a movement. We’re in the middle of a massive shift from traditional marketing tactics like print, billboards and TV toward data-driven marketing channels like search and social media, necessitated by customers moving to mobile. Online companies live and die […]

10 Reasons Why Companies Are Taking Media Buying In-House

Whether it’s pumping up the volume on a successful campaign, launching new promotions, hitting a seasonal window or reacting to something in the news, in-house advertisers are in control and have the competitive edge over third parties. Nancy Hill, President of 4A says it well: “It’s been very clear for quite some time that agencies need to be much more agile and faster to respond, and that’s what real-time marketing has pushed us all toward.” Increased agility is only the tip […]

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Programmatic Buying: Moving From Outsourced To Self-Service

This article was originally published in AdExchanger. Ever since the first DSPs hung their shingles, the flood of venture-capital dollars into the Software-as-a-Service space has forced senior executives to ask themselves one very important question: Should they outsource programmatic buying or come up with a solution in-house? For many firms, the answer is in-house expertise, also known as self-service. Cost savings, data protection and creating expertise that is core to your brand are some of its potential benefits. I’m not […]


[eBook] Finding Profitable Customers with Predictive Lifetime Value

Today most marketers are focused on optimizing for CPA or ROI but as CMO’s increasingly request better performance and measures of success, more and more marketers will take their campaigns to the next level with predictive lifetime value (LTV). By understanding the lifetime value of various customers, you can improve your ROI in the long run.    Don’t be left behind now that the next phase of social media advertising is upon us. Be in the know about how you […]

Evolution in Mobile Advertising [SlideShare & eBook]

The world of mobile advertising has been completely turned on its head — all in an incredibly short period of time. How can you ensure you haven’t already been left behind? Be in the know about about the three driving forces of change in mobile advertising: Targeting is no longer inferred or limited to non-personal data. Instead, we have identity and a vast set of targeting paramaters to chose from. Creative is no long limited to tiny, invasive banner ads. […]