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How Facebook Mobile App Marketers Can Get a Boost After the Holidays

‘Tis the season for mobile app marketers. With smartphones and tablets on the top of everyone’s gift list, now is the time for app developers to capture lots of new users. During Q4 twice as many apps are downloaded than in a regular quarter. And most of the downloads occur in December. Last year, December was a record-breaking month for iOS app downloads with more than two billion downloads, undoubtedly fueled by holiday device sales. With the influx of new […]

How to Measure Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

With over 819 million mobile users, rich targeting data and ad units designed specifically for driving app downloads, Facebook is uniquely positioned to help mobile app developers drive discovery and engagement for their iOS and Android mobile apps.  Marketers with apps and games of all sizes are leveraging Facebook mobile app install ads to meet their volume and distribution goals. Nanigans worked with a developer in the ecommerce space who climbed from an Apple App Store ranking of #253 to #5 in […]


Mobile Advertising in a Multichannel World [eBook]

Any marketer will tell you – mobile has changed advertising forever. With over 14,000 different smart devices and tablets, it’s safe to assume that smartphones and tablets are here to stay. Inevitably, where consumers go, advertising follows so if you’re looking to drive conversions, understanding how consumers are interacting with your messaging and content while using their mobile devices is critical. It’s a big topic, but one you can tackle with our latest eBook: “Mobile Advertising in a Multichannel World“. […]


How to Find the Best Mobile & Social Marketing Platform

Interested in learning more about selecting a mobile & social marketing platform? Easy, just head to Google and search “mobile social ad platform.” In just 0.68 seconds you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. How many options are there for you to evaluate? As you can see below, about 317,000,000. So realistically, how should you approach researching and selecting the best mobile marketing platforms? First, you must narrow the number of “options” to consider. To get from 317,000,000  options […]

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7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Mobile Ad CTRs

Mobile app marketers are quickly recognizing the power of Facebook’s mobile News Feed to power app discovery and distribution. The social network uniquely combines unparalleled reach (over 680 Million mobile users), with rich targeting data and ad units designed specifically for driving mobile app downloads. With these Facebook mobile ads units, marketers with apps and games of all sizes across any category have the opportunity to meet their volume and distribution goals. As mobile app marketers everywhere shift their dollars […]