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Marketers Increase Spend to Facebook Mobile Video Ads by 2.4X

Advertisers leveraging Nanigans’ Ad Engine have increased spend to Facebook mobile video ads by 2.4X in the last 10 days – and it’s no secret why. Video has introduced a new layer of engagement and relevancy on Facebook mobile, empowering marketers to reach an 875 million person mobile audience with content in motion that delights, entertains and inspires. Television networks and movie studios are not the only companies excited about Facebook mobile video ads. Mobile gaming companies can now feature […]

7 Ways to Engage Your Customers with Mobile Video Ads

It’s no secret that people love watching videos on their mobile devices. Mobile video views grew 300% in 2012 over the previous year and advertisers are seizing the opportunity. Budgets spent on mobile video advertising are forecast to grow fivefold in the U.S. alone from nearly $518 million in 2013 to $2,685 million in 2017. With its combination of full-screen immersion, finely tuned targeting and the ability for people to take immediate action, mobile video ads have become one of […]