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Facebook Bid Types: Maximizing Effective Reach

When my grandfather retired, he took a part-time job driving cars to an auto auction on behalf of a local used car dealer. He’d tell me stories about the process; how they’d bring a car up to the stage and how other dealers and private owners would bid on the vehicle in question. In my head, I imagined that the process was just like I saw it on TV: a fast talking auctioneer, lots of commotion, and a loud “SOLD!”, […]

Find the Facebook Audience Most Likely to Convert With oCPM

Facebook’s oCPM, or optimized CPM, is a great way to bid on ads that reach audiences who are most likely to take your desired campaign action. When your goal involves driving an audience off Facebook to an external site, you can now utilize oCPM for Link Click ads within Ad Engine. Why is this important? Optimizing for your campaign objectives is the ultimate goal. Whether that objective is driving visitors to relevant pages to make purchases, drive registrations, or another […]

Facebook oCPM Bidding

How to Leverage oCPM to Improve ROI for your Facebook Mobile Campaign

Ryan Pitylak has spent the past 14 years helping fast growing companies gain awareness through innovative advertising channels like Facebook. His team uses Nanigans Ad Engine to drive superior performance and ROI. The Unique Influence team is extremely focused on driving ROI and conversions for our clients and as a result we work diligently to find settings and optimization techniques that drive performance on Facebook. The following results are from a test campaign Unique Influence conducted to better understand how […]