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Optimized Budgeting: Justify Your Facebook Ad Spend

Many marketers are reluctant to spend on ads until they’re sure that they’re investing in top-performing creatives and audiences. Optimized Budgeting automatically allocates budget to better-performing ads, and reduces budget to ads that are not performing well, therefore ensuring high ROI. It also evens the playing field so that ads get an equal chance out of the gate on Facebook. This increase in budget for individual ads requires sufficient data, so it won’t necessarily happen the hour after ads are […]

Move Fast and Have a Vision: A Product Manager’s Guide

Building a product is similar to setting out on a mission; it involves picking a destination (objective) and researching the right route (validating your idea). Seasoned explorers will often ask each other for tips and advice; with software, it’s important that you listen to your customers if you already have them — and talk to as many people in your target market as possible — about what gaps your product will fill and how you will need to close them. […]

Maintain the Balance: A Product Manager’s Manifesto

This is not a particularly newsworthy revelation, and certainly not the first time anyone has heard it: Facebook moves at a pretty fast pace. No matter what stage you look at in the evolution of Facebook, its rate of innovation has never been slow — and with the idea of “moving fast” at the core of the company’s internal cultural values, this comes as no surprise. At Nanigans, our challenge is to strike a balance between delivering Facebook’s product enhancements […]

New! Auto-Creation and Updating of Custom Audiences

At Nanigans, we strive to make things easier for advertisers everywhere so innovation is always at the top of our list. Today, we’re proud to introduce Automated Custom Audiences as our newest and latest feature. With auto-creation and updating of Custom Audiences enabled, Ad Engine now allows advertisers enormous flexibility in the way custom audiences are created and continually maintained. With this feature enabled, advertisers no longer have to rely on manual CRM list pulls or re-running SQL queries to […]

A New Approach to Strategy Definition! Introducing “Goals & Rules”

At Nanigans, nothing is more important to us than our customers so when we envisioned the perfect solution to creating ad strategy, we saw something truly great. We envisioned a streamlined strategy creation process, complete with step-by-step instruction that helps advertisers focus on establishing their business goals and targets. Underneath the simple interface would sit a smart, dynamic and intuitive technology, designed to implement all of Nanigans’ campaign best practices to help advertisers achieve their designated objectives. Today, we launched this […]