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Final Four 2014

Facebook Predictions for the NCAA Final Four

After a grueling, seemingly endless winter in Boston, what better way to take our minds off the insane weather we’ve finally left behind than with a little March Madness? Even if we don’t have any horses in this race, it’s fun to take bets — and in order to make informed ones, we’ve decided to do some digging into our Facebook Ad Engine. Without further ado, here are our insights and a data-backed prediction for who will sweep 2014′s NCAA […]

Patriots vs. Dolphins: Who Has the Facebook Edge?

Monday Night Football kicks off tonight with a big game between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. Being based in Boston, we couldn’t resist pitting the two teams against one another on Facebook. Who has a larger fanbase reach? Which team has older fans? Are their gender differences between fans? And what portion of the team’s fanbase are from the other team’s home state? By visiting each team’s official Fan pages we learn that 2.86 times more people are fans […]