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Our Meme Obsession: Taken to A New Level, Thanks to AnyArt

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

The Nanigans team has a confession: We have a serious meme obsession.

Our big campaign dashboard screen provides our Ad Ops team a quick way to monitor all the campaigns being managed on our Ad Engine — and it doubles quite nicely as a place to project a new, funny meme each day. QuickMeme makes it easy for anyone at Nanigans to submit a meme there (like this one of Patrick Star teaching Ad Ops).

Over the last week our meme obsession has been taken to a whole new level — thanks completely to AnyArt. In managing a Facebook advertising campaign for this innovative online art company, we were offered the chance to test drive their service. AnyArt takes an image or photograph of your choosing and converts it into a hand-painted piece of art on canvas. We, of course, submitted a few of our favorite memes — and check out the amazing results:

If AnyArt can paint memes on canvas at this high of quality, just imagine what they can do with your photographs! Thanks to the AnyArt team for the quick turnaround and fantastic results — we can’t wait to pick the perfect place to hang these on our office walls.

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