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Nanigans Releases Results from Its Facebook® Action Targeting Study; Ad Engine™ Feature Launches Out of Beta

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

Nanigans Unveils Feature Enabling Advertisers to Target Actions Shared from Timeline Apps on Facebook; Releases Performance Results

BOSTON, Mass. –- May 31, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Nanigans, Inc., a Facebook performance advertising company focused on helping marketers maximize ROI, has released a feature out of beta that enables advertisers to target actions shared from Open Graph apps, more commonly known as timeline apps. When employed correctly Nanigans finds that targeting these actions can dramatically increase the performance of advertising on Facebook.

Previously, and in addition to demographic information, advertisers could target Facebook users based on their interests and what they Like. Nanigans’ Ad Engine™ now enables advertisers to target Facebook users based on additional actions shared from timeline apps. These include built-in Facebook actions such as “read,” “watch,” “listen” and “play” as well as custom actions such as “want,” “love” and “bought.” By integrating this targeting capability, Nanigans enables advertisers to reach Facebook users based on what they are doing.

The results of a recent Nanigans study found that when employed correctly, action targeting can result in up to 2.25 times higher clickthrough rates. Since Nanigans’ Ad Engine allows advertisers to track Facebook ad spend through the marketing funnel to purchases and revenue on or off Facebook, the company finds that action targeting can increase purchase rates by up to 150 percent.

“The ability to target actions introduces a new dimension of intent-based advertising on Facebook. It further assists marketers in finding the right people at the right time, and ultimately helps offer a more relevant advertising experience for Facebook users,” explained Ric Calvillo, CEO of Nanigans. “We’re excited to help timeline app developers and marketers alike benefit more broadly from user actions shared on Facebook, such as to reach friends of people who have taken actions and to deliver more relevant re-marketing campaigns.”

The first companies to launch timeline apps were announced in September 2011 at f8, such as Spotify, Pinterest and Ticketmaster. Since then, anyone can develop timeline apps and more than 3,000 have launched. Advertisers can leverage Nanigans to target users who take and share actions from these apps. For example, marketers can leverage Nangians to target people who are “watching” a movie, along with other actions.

To view the full results of the study, visit To learn more about how Nanigans’ support for targeting actions can help your business, contact

About Nanigans, Inc.

Nanigans offers a fully-automated Facebook performance advertising platform that maximizes ROI. The company’s Ad Engine™ automates the labor-intensive process of managing and optimizing large-scale Facebook Advertising campaigns, measuring beyond the click to meet specific business goals: from driving Likes and app installs to registrations, word-of-mouth referrals and purchases.

Every day Nanigans delivers over 1 billion Facebook Ad impressions that drive over 1.5 million performance events. Founded in 2010 as an initial Facebook Ads API developer and backed by Avalon Ventures, Nanigans is located in the heart of Boston, has 50 employees and is growing rapidly. To learn more visit:

 Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

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