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How to Leverage Page Post Ads in the News Feed

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Marketers are increasingly shifting their Facebook advertising spend from standard domain ads in the right hand side of Facebook to Page Post Ads that appear in users’ News Feeds. Why? Because ads that appear in people’s New Feeds deliver 14% higher ROI (return on ad spend investment) than standard domain ads. Nanigans has complied some best practices and a new study to demonstrate how effective Page Post Ads in the News Feed are in delivering positive ROI for advertisers

What are Page Posts Ads?

These engaging ad units begin as a post on a brand’s Facebook Page and can drive people to off-Facebook destinations. Additionally, they can be targeted to anyone, regardless if they are or are not connected to your Page or app.

There are six different types of Page Post Ads: status updates, videos, photos, questions, links and events. Photo Page Post Ads have quickly become the most popular format for performance marketers ranging from ecommerce to gaming.

What are the benefits? How are they different from All Facebook Ads?

Page_Post_AdMarketers benefit most from Page Post Ads’ placement and format:

  • Page Post Ads appear in both mobile and desktop News Feeds unlike standard domain ads which are only available on desktops and delivered on the right-hand side of Facebook.
  • Page Post Ads are similar to content posts that people and Pages make everyday; as such, they’re designed to capture people’s attention and drive engagement with content they are engaging with already in their News Feeds.
  • Page Post Ads in the News Feed enjoy larger images (up to 400×300 pixels ) than domain ads (110×80 pixels), and this larger real estate means people are more likely to view and engage with the ad. The ad units also feature social context that further engages people including comments, Likes and shares.

What types of results is Nanigans seeing with Page Posts?

So do Page Post Ads actually get consumers to click? And convert?

pagepostads_roiA Nanigans study based on more than 975 million impressions demonstrated that Page Post Ads are effective in driving higher funnel and lower funnel engagement and conversion events. A comparison of the relative performance of Page Post Ads to standard domain ads demonstrated that on average Page Post Ads delivered a 14% higher ROI.
In multiple page post ad campaigns, average CTR’s exceeded 3.3%. Page Posts Ads generated on average 68% lower CPC’s (cost-per click) and 48% lower CPA (cost-per-action, which in this study refers to cost-per-registration).


What are some Best Practices?

  • Be engaging. An eye-catching, high quality photo is essential to draw people’s attention. Specific product images typically work better than lifestyle images.
  • Use clear, concise messaging. Include critical information in the first 90 characters of the text since that is likely what your audience will remember. For retailers, messaging that references a dollar amount or percentage off performs best.
  • Test multiple creatives. Running multiple versions of ads can help determine what your audience will respond best to.
  • Measure revenue. Nanigans’ platform enables advertisers to track the value of Page Post ads such as driving registrations or purchases.

When should I leverage Page Post Ads?

If your business goals are aimed at driving revenue, Page Post Ads should be kept top of mind. These ads are designed to capture attention with larger, more engaging formats and create a seamless experience between paid, owned and earned media. The most successful campaigns advertisers have managed through Nanigans’ Ad Engine have a clear purpose such as driving email registrations, app installs or sales of a product or service.

Nanigans has delivered effective campaigns leveraging Page Posts in a variety of sectors such as ecommerce, gaming, travel and financial services. Interested in learning how Page Post Ads can meet your business goals? Contact us today!

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