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4 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD)

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

Facebook defines the Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program as “a community of best-in-class developers focused on making social marketing easier and more effective”.

PMDs help companies navigate Facebook’s marketing ecosystem; all PMDs have been accredited by Facebook to provide services like Fan Page content management, native advertising, retargeting, and app development and management. The challenge is choosing the right PMD for your business’ goals out of the 260+ PMDs.  One way Facebook has helped with the PMD selection process is through their Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD) program.  The sPMD program is a small group of companies who are the top performing PMDs.  According to Facebook, their 13 sPMDs have shared values, strategic alignment and growth potential within the Facebook marketing ecosystem.

Nanigans has been a sPMD since the program first launched last September.  Often we are asked: Why should I work with an sPMD?  Here are four reasons:

1. A Trusted Provider

The sPMD badge indicates a company is a trusted partner of Facebook. Facebook reviews all of their sPMDs every 6 months to ensure the partner’s is aligned with Facebook’s standards in areas like data security, software reliability, and best practices around Facebook ads.

2. Higher Expectations

Facebook expects unprecedented performance from their sPMDs. High performing ad campaigns, platform reliability, state-of-the-art technology, and inventiveness are crucial for sPMDs who want to continue with the program.  SPMDs are also expected to participate in Facebook’s business planning,  marketing and product development initiatives.

3. Ability to Scale

Marketers looking to launch a large advertising campaign on Facebook will want to start with an sPMD company. These companies can manage large paid media campaigns on Facebook, globally.  They can handle the complexity of thousands of creatives, targeting across a wide variety of audience segments, and ROI based optimization algorithms that drive real results.  And they can evaluate campaigns so you’ll be able to effectively manage your campaigns by tracking ad spend, volume, action rates, cost per action, lifetime forecasting and cohort analysis.

4. Support & Speed

sPMDs receive the highest level of support from Facebook and improved access to their product and engineering teams; meaning turn around time for technical and support issues is much faster.  Facebook also offers sPMD’s in-depth trainings on their suite of ad products and best practices for campaign management.

We take our sPMD badge seriously and have found it a huge resource for our continued success.   But why should you choose a sPMD? For four reasons:  a trusted provider, higher standards, the ability to scale complex global campaigns, and exceptional support from Facebook

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