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Nanigans’ CEO, Ric Calvillo Takes the Stage at a Facebook Global Summit to Discuss the Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

Last week our CEO, Ric Calvillo took the stage for a question and answer session in front of Facebook employees and brand representatives to discuss the role PMDs play in Facebook’s ecosystem. Facebook’s summit was a two-day event were Facebook employees and brands gathered to discuss, you guessed it, Facebook. Ric Calvillo was invited  to provide the Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) perspective, as well as to educate the audience on Nanigans’ Ad Engine.


Ric was joined on stage by Blake Chandlee, VP of Partnerships at Facebook.  After giving a brief history and background on the PMD program, Blake switched gears to talk about the success Nanigans had seen in the past two plus years and how PMDs are a resource for running lucrative ad campaigns on Facebook.

Blake then turned to Ric for a more in-depth conversation on Nanigans and how the company has benefited from the PMD program. Blake asked Ric about his plans for growing Nanigans and what he felt were best practices for the Facebook Sales team and PMD teams working together.

The big takeaway? Facebook and PMDs are allies and will continue to count on each other for success.

Thank you to Ben Tregoe for the notes on Ric’s Q&A session at Facebook’s summit.

Interested in learning how you can benefit from working with a PMD? Contact us today! 

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