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Ecommerce Case Study: Pixeling Reduces Cost Per Purchase by 8x

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

Nanigans, recently conducted a case study including multiple ecommerce customers testing the importance of pixeling, specifically at the “add to cart” phase of conversion. In total, the test included 8,862,375,162 impressions, split between campaigns operating with an “add to cart” pixel versus those without. Campaigns that included pixeling at the “add to cart” stage of the conversion funnel resulted in a purchase rate percent increase of 688%, and an 88% percent decrease in cost per purchase.

Pixel results

Goal: Test the efficacy of implementing pixels at the add to cart stage of the ecommerce purchase funnel. Advertisers often ask how important pixeling and data sharing actually can be during optimization stages as there can be added cost/time.

Strategy: Nanigans ran tests across 4 advertisers, all ecommerce focused. Delivery was split across all 4 participating advertisers testing campaigns that incorporated an “add to cart” pixel against campaigns for the same advertisers that did not. Nanigans’ predictive lifetime value SaaS platform was used exclusively during the test.

Results: Purchase rates increased from 1.14% to 8.99% for campaigns that incorporated pixels at the “add to cart” stage of the conversion funnel. In addition, the average cost per purchase was reduced from $47.87 to $5.36.

Takeaway for Marketers: To run a performance marketing campaign at scale using an ad-platform like Nanigans, data sharing and pixeling is one of the most important contributing success factors. Data gathering engenders algorithmic-based optimization, predictive modeling and audience learning for marketers. Without pixel integration, marketers are missing out on an opportunity to scale revenue.

To learn more about pixeling, predictive lifetime value-based marketing or Nanigans contact us.

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