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Arcane Legends Leverages Facebook Mobile App Install Ads to Drive Downloads and ROI

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Mobile multiplayer combat game, Arcane Legends, leveraged Facebook mobile app install ads to drive downloads and ROI.


  • 316% more revenue per install on Facebook than other mobile ad networks in only 14 days
  • 33% higher ROI (profit-per-install) than other mobile ad networks


Spacetime Studios is a household name when it comes to online and mobile games. Arcane Legends is the company’s latest release in its popular ‘Legends’ series of massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs). The company turned to Facebook’s mobile app install ads to drive app discovery and customer acquisition. A key part of their strategy was to work with Unique Influence and Nanigans, to optimize and scale its activity on Facebook to drive app installs and in-game purchases.

Facebook’s extensive targeting capabilities combined with mobile app install ads helped us to acquire high-value customers. We’ve gained a higher ROI with Facebook than any other mobile channel by working with Nanigans and Unique Influence.

–Jeff Petry, General Manager, Spacetime Studios.


The Arcane Legends campaign leveraged Custom Audiences – a tool that allows marketers to target a specific group of people with whom they already have a relationship with on or off Facebook. Then they built an audience segment of “lookalikes” based on their current active customers, leveraged a combination of broad and precise interest groups and segmented these by age and gender. These micro-targeting capabilities allowed them to reach the right audience segments and acquire high value customers.

On the creative front, the Arcane Legends team tested more than 15 different versions of its mobile app install ads to determine which versions would elicit the best response. These ads appear in people’s News Feeds, allowing them to reach the right people at scale where they are most engaged and drive app installs with a simple click to the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once an ad had been used over a period of time (ranging from several days to a week) and started to show fatigue, they refreshed the ad with new images to improve their cost-per-click.

The campaign leveraged Nanigans’ ROI based bidding and optimization algorithms. The Arcane Legends team used Optimized CPM (OCPM) bidding for the bulk of its campaign as it programmatically optimized ads to the users that would be most likely to install the app.

Using Nanigans to optimize and scale campaigns on Facebook helps us accelerate growth and improve performance for clients. The success of the Arcane Legends campaign came from an iterative process of optimizing to find the highest revenue producing interest group and ad combinations.

–Ryan Pitylak, CEO of Unique Influence


The Arcane Legends Facebook mobile app install campaign represents Arcane’s strongest ROI performance across their mobile campaigns to date. Targeting, creative and optimization were some of the most important contributing success factors. Finding the right target audience segments required attention to audience demographics and psychographics and most importantly leveraging Facebook’s interest targeting. By using Nanigans to test various creative elements, Unique Influence helped Arcane Legends increase overall conversions via algorithmic-based optimization, subsequently allowing them to transparently measure performance and the predictive lifetime value and ROI of their advertising.

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