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Insider’s Guide to Facebook Ad Types [Infographic]

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

This infographic was originally published on Inside Facebook.

As a follow-up to our post, “Facebook Makes Ads Simpler, Aims to Improve Performance for Advertisers” we are releasing an infographic that has all of the details on Facebook’s latest ad format changes. Marketers can quickly identify the differences between Facebook’s desktop and mobile ad products, such as Page post link ads and mobile app install ads, so they can make sure their images and copy are optimized. For the full Facebooks full Ads & Sponsored Stories Guide click here: Ads and Sponsored Stories Guide.

All ad types and guidelines are subject to change.

Make sure you click on the image or here to download the full infographic in PDF format!

Nanigans Facebook Ad Types Infographic

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This infographic was designed by Nanigans’ Creative Designer, Dan Wong

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