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Nanigans Adds to Innovation with Upcoming Product Releases

Written by: Tricia Chang, Product Manager

Nanigans to Roll Out Custom Audience Capabilities, Announce Goals & Rules for
Streamlined Ad Strategy, and Release Placement Analysis Enhancements

At Nanigans, we’re always looking for ways to make advertisers lives easier. We have a number of products on the horizon to help streamline and simplify ad creation and strategy.

Coming soon! Nanigans is excited to announce the addition of Custom Audiences to AdEngine!

Facebook-Custom-AudienceStarting next week, advertisers will be able to log into AdEngine and benefit from a streamlined ad creation and targeting process, create and edit new and existing custom audiences, and build lookalike audiences optimized for similarity or reach.

By using AdEngine’s Custom Audience capabilities
advertisers will be able to start achieving:

  • 5X greater ROI
  • 50% greater LTV
  • 10X greater purchase rate

For more information on the benefits surrounding Custom Audience, check out two of our recent case studies: and Gaming.

Next week! Our Goals and Rules feature is going live!

G&RWe’ve simplified and streamlined the campaign strategy creation process by incorporating a dynamic and intuitive wizard advertisers everywhere can use to:

  • Streamline ad strategy creation
  • Minimize CPAs
  • Save time and energy
  • Build campaign strategy focused around fundamental business goals and objectives.

It will be readily available in AdEngine next week. Contact your account managers for more information on how using Goals and Rules can maximize your ROI.

Updated! Placements Analysis enhancements for advertisers!

Big news – PA just got even better. We’ve been working to make reporting easier and we’re happy to announce a number of great enhancements to our dashboard. Now advertisers everywhere can:

  • Filter by “created date”
  • View mobile users by “device,” “OS, “ and “connectivity”
  • Export PA reports in aggregate or aggregate by day
  • Export PA reports in .csv format

Ongoing! Platform performance improvements for increased speed and reliability!

In the advertising world, there are few things that are more important than the speed and reliability of an ad creation and strategy platform. At Nanigans, we pride ourselves on our product, so we’ve put into place a number of updates that will ensure the stability and scalability of our product to support our client’s campaigns. We’ve released a number of really great additions to the Ad Plan table list, as well as a number of enhancements to the loading/saving process around Ad Plans themselves.

For a full list of product updates, check out our Knowledge Base.

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