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How to Measure Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

With over 819 million mobile users, rich targeting data and ad units designed specifically for driving app downloads, Facebook is uniquely positioned to help mobile app developers drive discovery and engagement for their iOS and Android mobile apps.  Marketers with apps and games of all sizes are leveraging Facebook mobile app install ads to meet their volume and distribution goals. Nanigans worked with a developer in the ecommerce space who climbed from an Apple App Store ranking of #253 to #5 in only 10 days with Facebook mobile app install ads.

As mobile app marketers increasingly invest in Facebook, they not only want to understand how their ad spend drives installs but how those installs drive in-app purchase revenue.  Nanigans’s technology solves these challenges.  App developers simply need to add a mobile code-snippet and integrate the Facebook SDK (or with any of the Facebook approved mobile measurement companies) to measure clicks, installs and in-app events.  This allows app developers to focus on the customers who will generate the most revenue for the best price by leveraging Nanigans’ predictive algorithms and automated bidding and ad management capabilities.

Some considerations for setting up your mobile app install tracking include:

  1. Adding the mobile snippet code to your iOS or Android app.
  2. Determining which events you are looking to track.
  3. Integrating the Facebook or enabled mobile measurement company’s SDK in your app.
  4. Tracking to the placement level. (Facebook tells where the attribution is from, time and place)
  5. Attributing installs, events and revenue generated by Facebook.

When you set up your app measurement, you will also be able to bid using oCPM instead of just using CPC.  This means your ads will appear to people that are more likely to download and engage with your app.

By measuring and optimizing your Facebook mobile ad spend for metrics further down the funnel, like in-app engagement and purchase revenue, you can better understand the overall performance of your mobile apps.  You are able to see what types of users are downloading your apps including age, gender, language and country.  This can help you optimize your campaign targeting so you can reach the audiences that are most likely to install and engage with your app.

Nanigans’ solution for optimizing mobile app install ads helps developers find and acquire the most profitable customers by focusing on the lifetime return of specific audiences rather than only the cost to acquire them.   We also gather information about the type of users who monetize best and then seek out new audiences with similar attributes.


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