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How Facebook Has Changed Fashion Week

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Calling all fashionista’s…This year, New York Fashion Week is amplifying its reach and immediacy with live play-by-play coverage of shows and behind-the-scenes content on Facebook.  Rather than the exclusive event of years past, Facebook has brought Fashion Week to rest of us, and brands have the opportunity to connect with consumers more intimately than ever before.

It’s no secret that people are increasingly turning to Facebook for the latest trends, fashion advice, and inspiration.  You can’t scroll through your News Feed without seeing images from your favorite designers.  And liking different stores and designers means you can get access to deals, invites to exclusive events and behind-the-scenes content.

Brands are thriving on this and are offering users opportunities to access exclusive Fashion Week information, sales and products through a combination of earned and paid media on Facebook.  As Facebook’s ad units have continued to advance in the past year, so have user activities and advertisers’ ROI performance.

Many fashion brands are leveraging Facebook to offer information and promotions during Fashion Week.    From the clothes and the shoes, the runways and models, they are offering compelling content and offers, posting them to their Facebook Pages and promoting them with paid media.

  • Michael Kors is providing Facebook users access to their Spring Runway Show All Access Kors LIVE.
  • Tadashi Shoji is engaging consumers with a 7 DAYS 7 DRESSES promotion.
  • JCrew posted behind the scenes content on Fashion Week is running ads featuring a 25% off shoes and bag sale.
  • Nordstrom is promoting Michael Kors fall merchandise.
  • The New York Fashion Week Facebook page is posting a variety of Fashion Week offers from different brands, live chats, and event coverage.

Not only are brands getting into the action but so are users.  Images are taking over the web and you can expect to see a flurry of Fashion Week photo uploads on Facebook and other social networks.   We’re also seeing sharing around coveted fashions and conversations happening around all things and everything fashion.

Fashion Week is no longer exclusive to industry insiders, celebrities and socialites.  With Facebook, any fashion aficionado can participate in the event as it is happening on a global scale without needing an exclusive invitation.  This has made people feel more connected and provided the fashion industry with the opportunity to be more successful.


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