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Introducing The Nanigans Support Center

Written by: Erik Mansur, VP, Product and Engineering

The most effective way of teaching someone how to do something is to provide them with hands-on experience. Which we do, during each of our personalized platform training sessions. But the most effective way of getting someone to retain and keep using that information, is to provide them with a way to have their questions about that topic almost instantaneously.

Facebook is a 24-hour per day, 7-day per week marketplace. And while we’d love to have an actual human being on-call at all times, to answer those questions and continue the training process, the human cost of that requirement is staggering. So, about 6 months ago, we set about creating an online Knowledge Base that could instantly give our users the answers that they crave, in a location that’s accessible from any web browser.

Available to anyone with an Ad Engine login, the Support Center is made up of 80+ “articles” ranging from topics as simple as CTR (or Click Though Rate) to as advanced as an explanation of our various AIs (or the machine learning-based algorithms that let Ad Engine do what it does so well). It’s categorized into three sections: the Glossary, with smaller articles that can explain more basic concepts (Action Rate, KPIs, etc); General Information, where we delve a little deeper into some of the various structures and concepts within Ad Engine itself; and Helpful How To’s, where we provide step-by-step instructions for users to accomplish various tasks within our software, and beyond. Plus we’ve got a section that keeps a record of the various updates to our software, so you can see what new features have been added and when.

Some of the biggest feedback we’ve gotten from our users on our Support Center is the type-to-search feature. You can very easily browse the topics from within the above sections, or you can type in a term that you’re unfamiliar with, or ask the Support Center a direct question, and you’ll receive search results that match what you’re looking for. We know that we’ve got users that aren’t as comfortable emailing us with questions about our software, so having a well built out Knowledge Base certainly makes it easier for those “lone-wolf” operators to jump right into Ad Engine.

And there’s more where that came from: coming soon, our Support Center will be a one-stop shop for all things Nanigans support-related, including a ticket-based bug-reporting system, and full integration into our Ad Engine software. That is to say, if you’re clicking on one of those “(?)” bubbles next to a term you’re unsure about, you’ll get a brief explanation, and soon, a direct link to the Knowledge Base where we’ll expound upon it even further. Plus we’re looking to expand content every single day. We think that we’re about 85% complete (enough to release it in “Beta”), but we’ll have more articles about our various elements coming soon.

Our Ad Engine Support Center is simply the best way to get “offline” support while being “online” within our software, and we’re excited to write the next chapter of this amazing customer-facing tool.

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