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Nanigans Releases Benchmark Report for Retailers Advertising on Facebook; Highlights 152% ROI into Holiday Shopping Season

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

Performance Marketing Technology Leader Releases Key Performance Indicators on Facebook for the Retail Sector, Including ROI

October 16, 2013 – Boston, Mass. (BUSINESS WIRE) – Nanigans, Inc., the predictive lifetime value company offering Software-as-a-Service for social and mobile performance marketing at scale, announced today the release of a benchmark report for retailers advertising on Facebook®.

The report offers support for retail CMOs to increase Facebook advertising budgets into holiday shopping season, showcasing strong engagement and return with retailers achieving 3.75X higher click-through rates than a year ago and averaging 152% return-on-investment (ROI).

“Incremental sales have become core to retailer Facebook advertising goals, and measuring the true ROI of these efforts is being increasingly demanded,” shared Marc Grabowski, COO of Nanigans. “While every retailer has a unique customer base and their results and strategies vary, we’re excited to offer a benchmark report specific to the sector with meaningful metrics and actionable strategy recommendations.”

Based on over 150 billion impressions and 100 retailers, the report features strategy recommendations and more than twenty-five retail specific charts and graphs on Facebook advertising engagement, pricing and return on desktop, mobile and Facebook Exchange. Structured around four overarching trends, including “The shift to News Feed” and “The Shift from Proxy Metrics to Lifetime ROI,” key performance indicators include: clickthrough rates (CTR), cost-per-impression (CPM), cost-per-click (CPC), revenue-per-click (RPC) and ROI.

“This report is incredibly timely as marketers finalize their goals and campaigns for the holiday shopping season,” said Michael Randall, global head of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program. “Facebook is the place for proven reach and ROI; Nanigans’ data shows how moving beyond proxy metrics and toward lifetime value and ROI helps retailers find continued and more efficient success on Facebook.”

In addition to increased engagement and return for retailers advertising on Facebook, highlights from the report include:

  • 57% of retail desktop spend is delivered in News Feed, with RHS continuing to deliver strong ROI (228%), showcasing support for a strategy coupling media buys in both delivery locations;
  • 37% increase in CPMs on average from first to last month of the quarter, highlighting an opportunity for retailers to increase budgets accordingly;
  • 3X increase in the number of retailers tracking mobile revenues from Q1 to Q3, with 17.9X higher ROI for iOS than Android, suggesting retailers are focusing on understanding the quality and purchasing behaviors of mobile customers;
  • 28X higher CTRs yet 15% lower ROI for Facebook Exchange in News Feed vs. right-hand side, is one of many trends in the report showcasing that proxy metrics are not predictive of ROI.

Nanigans’ platform automatically measures, predicts and optimizes ad spend for lifetime value across social and mobile, empowering marketers to maximize the effectiveness of their advertising budgets by acquiring and remarketing to high-value, lifelong customers. Nanigans is a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer with access to both the native Facebook Ads API and Facebook Exchange.

To review the report in full, contact or visit

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About Nanigans, Inc.

Nanigans is pioneering the next evolution in media buying with its predictive lifetime value SaaS platform for performance marketing. Transforming customer acquisition and remarketing at scale, Nanigans’ Ad Engine™ is the only platform that measures, predicts and optimizes ad spend for lifetime ROI across social and mobile.

Chosen by more than 200 of the world’s leading performance marketers in retail, travel, gaming and more, Nanigans is backed by Avalon Ventures and has over 120 employees in offices across Boston, New York, San Francisco and London.

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

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