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Facebook Plans to Roll Out Retargeting with Custom Audiences

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Facebook is planning to extend its Custom Audiences product to allow brands to directly target users who have visited a website or used a mobile application.   With this new feature, advertisers will be able to target people directly after visiting specific pages on their websites or apps.

Facebook’s custom audience feature lets marketers take their current customer lists and show ads to just those customers on Facebook. Custom Audiences works with all Facebook ad formats and targeting capabilities and mobile app Custom Audiences can help mobile app developers reach their customers on Facebook.

For example, a hotel could reach people who started booking a room on their website but didn’t make a purchase.  Or a gaming app can deliver ads to people who downloaded their app or haven’t used it in awhile to encourage them to play.

While this is similar to the type of retargeting offered by Facebook Exchange (FBX), this new feature will be available to all users of Facebook’s ad management tools, and the Ads API. This enables advertisers to market their existing user base without going through third-party agencies.

Facebook noted that FBX still provides more segmentation and dynamic creative functionality, making it more appropriate for campaigns with a greater number of retargeting options. So for example, an ecommerce company with a robust product catalog would probably want to leverage FBX with product specific ads.  But for companies with more straightforward conversion funnels, this new Custom Audiences feature offers more streamlined implementation and management for your remarketing campaigns.

Custom Audiences has become one of Facebook’s most powerful advertising vehicles.  It helps to bring together online and offline marketing as well as dramatically increase the effectiveness of desktop and mobile campaigns on Facebook.  Facebook expects that Custom Audiences will be available to all advertisers worldwide by the end of November.

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