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eMarketer’s 7 Social Media Ad Trends for 2014

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

2013 has been another incredible year for social media advertising with record Facebook revenues and the recent Twitter IPO. As we look to how social media advertising will evolve in 2014, eMarketer recently held a webinar revealing the top 7 Social Media Trends for 2014.

Principal Analyst, Debra Aho Williamson, stated that 2014 will be the year of acceptance for social media advertising. More than ever before, U.S.marketers are committing budgets to social media advertising signaling a sea change for digital advertising.

emarketer chart

Nearly all social media marketers are buying ads on Facebook and Twitter is gaining share. Companies have shifted from fan acquisition and are focused on sales, conversions and results.

Here are eMarketer’s 7 Social Media Trends for 2014:

1. The Video Opportunity

Facebook has already started to focus on video ads and you can expect costs for these ad units to escalate.


By unlocking autoplay and other video features, advertisers can more effectively reach people in the Facebook News Feed. Twitter is also investing more on video. Twitter real time video tweets offer advertisers the opportunity to reach people at the right place and time. This has the potential to unlock more premium dollars from brand advertisers and shift budget away from TV. Marketers will also look to Instagram to test video marketing campaigns that can also be shared on Facebook.

2. Social = Mobile

Facebook and Twitter are both seeing strong revenues from mobile. 49% of Facebook’s Q3 2013 ad revenue came from mobile and over 70% of Twitter’s Q3 2013 ad revenue came fro mobile. Facebook and Twitter will account for 40% of the mobile display market in 2014. The majority of people access social media on their smartphones. The challenge for advertisers will be to increasingly evolve their ad products to take advantage of the unique capabilities of mobile while at the same time avoiding overload in the News Feed. Social media will continue to play an important role in shaping mobile advertising.

3. Native Expansion

Native advertising will expand in 2014. The challenge is for advertisers to be prominent in the News Feed without annoying users. Facebook is not planning to significantly increase the percentage of ads in the News Feed next year.

4. Social Ads Will Get More Programmatic

Programmatic buying will increasingly take hold, driving the expansion of social media advertising in 2014. More tools will be accessible for advertisers to rapidly create, targeting and optimize their campaigns. Data on pricing, ad inventory and more will allow advertisers to make the most of social media advertising. Dynamic creative will provide more ways to rapidly change ad creative to meet targeting parameters and reduce the time it takes to develop real-time customized creative.

5. No More Walled Gardens

Social media advertisers will increasingly be able to target customers across multiple channels. Twitter’s acquisition of MoPub allows the company to test mobile native advertising and provides new revenue streams. Facebook has restarted testing a mobile advertising network. Advertisers are excited about leveraging Facebook’s targeting data outside of Facebook.

6. Location Makes a Comeback

According to Pew Internet Life, 74% of adults use their smartphones to get directions and information based on their location and 30% of social media users have set up an account to tag their location. 76% of mobile app users are interested in receiving SMS or push notifications for coupons or deals via their mobile device.

7. New Venues, New Ad Opportunities

Facebook dominates followed by Twitter and LinkedIn but there is room for other social networks.

allocation of social media budget

Rising stars could be Instagram and Pinterest, boosting social commerce. Mobile messaging services like Snapchat, Line and WeChat are growing fast and could see ads in 2014.

snapchat, line, we chat


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