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Why You Should Shift Your End Of The Year Budget To Facebook

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

As we near the end of the final quarter of the calendar year, digital marketers are wondering how they should spend their remaining budget before they lose it. With the online world becoming increasingly competitive, many advertisers are turning to Facebook to meet their business goals-be it acquiring lifelong customers or driving incremental sales.

Advertisers are attracted by Facebook’s massive audience–people are spending more time on Facebook than anywhere else online. And brands have the opportunity to join in on the conversation. What makes Facebook unique for advertiser are its robust targeting options, variety of creative ad formats and extensive reporting capabilities allowing them to track, measure and optimize results.

Here are some reasons why you spend the rest of your Q4 budget on Facebook:

There are a lot of places you can spend the rest of your Q4 marketing budget. As more and more brands compete online, the need to stand out is even more pressing. Facebook ads work. A primary reason is ad targeting – Facebook advertisers can tell Facebook who they want to see with their ads. Another reason is their ad formats blur the line between advertising and content, combining the traditional feeing of traditional engagement marketing with the expansive reach of paid advertising. At the end of the day, advertising on Facebook is incredibly effective at driving not only incremental sales, but an impressive return on investment over the lifetime of a customer.

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