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What Our New Website Means for Nanigans in 2014

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

We set out to redesign Nanigans’ website this past fall, which underwent a successful launch in December to end 2013 strong and usher in the New Year with energy. Despite changing needs throughout its development given our high-growth, there were a handful of tent-poles that held stalwart and speak to our company’s focus in 2014:

  1. Real business value
  2. Predictive lifetime value
  3. Platform differentiators
  4. Education and resources
  5. New partners

1. Driving real business value

Since our inception in 2010, Nanigans has focused expressly on helping CMOs and CEOs generate and measure the true impact and return of their advertising investments. To highlight the value advertisers drive with our software, we worked to build a visualization of conversion data – which is featured prominently at the top of our homepage. The visualization is a feed of recent pixeled conversion events advertisers are driving across the world.

While advertisers can measure and place weighted optimization on 15+ events in their conversion funnels with Nanigans, from first visit to lifetime purchase revenue, we highlighted 4 different types of conversions in the data visualization that are most representative of our advertisers:

  1. Purchase event (green)
  2. Add-to-cart event (red)
  3. Mobile app install (purple)
  4. New customer acquired (yellow)

While we began generating, predicting and measuring conversions and lifetime ROI from ads on Facebook, we look forward to bringing our technology and ethos to other channels in 2014.

2. Evangelizing predictive lifetime value (PLTV)

Nanigans’ platform empowers marketers to find and invest in their most profitable customers. We’re moving the industry away from buying on a proxy metric basis (such as by cost per immediate action, or CPA) to buying on a true return on ad spend basis (lifetime ROI). Bidding today for lifetime ROI requires the ability to predict with confidence the future purchase revenue of a given customer, and this is where Nanigans’ predictive lifetime value based machine learning algorithms come into play.

Predictive lifetime value (PLTV) is a concept new to many marketers, so we ensured our website had an entire section with content dedicated to the intersection of predictive analytics and online advertising. Our new website explains and highlights:

  1. What PLTV is (About)
  2. Why marketers are shifting to PLTV (Benefits)
  3. How our software leverages PLTV (How to)
  4. Case studies on PLTV for customer acquisition, remarketing, and mobile (Impact)

Explore the PLTV section of our website to better understand with examples, analogies and real data how predictive lifetime value can transform and scale your marketing in 2014.

3. Showcasing platform features and tools

Our platform’s rich and robust tools and features are a direct result of the needs and demands of our customers. As these advertisers know first-hand, Nanigans has gone deep instead of wide with its software platform – ensuring we solve true business challenges through technology to help performance marketers find, invest in, and scale a profitable customer base. The data-driven CMOs and marketing managers at these world-class companies undisputedly represent the largest and savviest performance marketers in the world. Many manage more than $1 million a month in Facebook ad spend and generate positive ROI at this scale by leveraging the workflow automation, predictive lifetime value, custom integrations, and analysis tools built into our Ad Engine platform.

Our former website simply did a poor job of highlighting and showcasing this platform, which had much to do with our dedicated and driven engineering team that releases new features and improvements every week! While this pace of innovation and product evolution is not likely to change in 2014, we as a marketing team are committed to regularly updating you of recent product advancements on our blog, through email updates, and by keeping the platform section of our website up to date — from algorithms and tools to integrations and interface.

As a starting point, explore the market-leading solutions and features of our platform:

4. Providing industry leading resources and education

Nanigans seeded it’s marketing with a foundation in education. We began developing more sophisticated software on Facebook’s Ads API when the majority of the business world was questioning Facebook’s existence as a marketing channel. Education around best practices, how-tos, case studies, thought leadership, and more then became critical to advertiser success in this new channel. And after 4+ years of educating the market, it’s now what Nanigans is known best for (well, perhaps with the exception of predictive lifetime value!). Our new website aims to better highlight our marketing resources, featuring visually stimulating new:

Expect a continued investment and commitment to blogging every day, evangelizing leaders in the space through case studies every week, and publishing ebooks, infographics and benchmark reports every month in 2014.

5. Growth through strategic partnerships

2013 was a year of milestones for Nanigans, doubling both our revenues and team size. 2014 promises to be another year of exceeding expectations as we focus on bringing our technology to new channels and more marketers worldwide through partnerships. Both have new homes on our website where you can learn more:

  • Partners: new inventory and publisher sources as well as deeper marketing stack integrations (such as attribution tag management and CRM databases) – stay tuned for announcements in 2014!;
  • Value added resellers (VARs): leading and well-respected online advertising agencies and trading desks committed to data-driven marketing and delivering lifetime value on behalf of CMOs worldwide.

As we move into these channels it’s important to evoke trust by highlighting the impact we’ve made on the world of marketing in such a short time. We aimed to feature this impact more prominently on our website, including that advertisers have driven through our platform:

  • $350 million in annualized ad spend (at 4 years old, breakeven, and having raised only $9M in funding)
  • 2 billion conversion events (such as purchases)
  • 1 billion ad impressions every day (and that’s just on Facebook!)

It seems natural to conclude this tour of the tent-poles of our new website by highlighting all the great people we need to hire to continue our momentum and growth in 2014! Visit our jobs section to explore 30+ new job openings around the world and the culture we’ve created here at Nanigans.

Here’s to another year of data-driven marketing success stories in 2014!


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