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Super Bowl XLVIII: Who Wins on Facebook?

Written by: Gabe Donnini, Optimization Analyst

Super Bowl XLVIII stands to be a promising contest of skill and endurance, as Peyton Manning and the Broncos fight to complete his storybook season against the Seattle Seahawks, which sport the best defense the NFL has to offer. With both teams having their fair share of offensive weapons and injuries, neither team stands to grasp an easy victory.

With such a close matchup on the field, we were interested to see how the Broncos and the Seahawks fared against each other on Facebook. To find out, we turned to our Ad Engine platform to see how the two Super Bowl contenders compared.

Broncos vs. Seahawks on Facebook!

Looking at overall reach, the Broncos see 50% more interest than the Seahawks do on Facebook.

superbowl reach Facebook

The gender breakdown between the two teams was similar, with both teams fan bases skewing slightly towards men.


We next looked at the age distribution across the different demographics discussing the Broncos and the Seahawks on Facebook. Both teams saw similar age breakdown across their fan bases, with the Broncos skewing slightly younger, with a greater percentage of its fans in the 13-19 and 25-29 age bands.


One of the last aspects of the two teams that we looked at is how their players ranked in terms of interest on Facebook. Using Nanigan’s Ad Engine platform, we took a look at the overall reach of each player from the Broncos and the Seahawks roster to determine the top five players by reach for each team.



Peyton Manning came out on top for the Broncos, with Percy Harvin in the lead for the Sehawks. When comparing the top players from each team, however, Peyton Manning generates almost 3x more interest than Percy Harvin on Facebook, truly positioning the Seahawks as the underdog.


Finally we mapped the top zip codes by affinity for the Broncos and the Seahawks across the US:


The Broncos exhibited a strong presence across the entire US, with a core focus in Colorado.


The Seahawks saw a sparse fan base across the US, with a strong core on the northwest coast, further solidifying their status as the underdog in Super Bowl XLVIII.

With the Bronco’s triumphant (yet maligned) win over the Patriots, and the Seahawks dominant presence in the game against the 49ers, the final game of the season will be anything but predictable.

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