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10 Innovations Facebook Marketers Could See in 2014

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

As a marketing channel, it’s safe to assume that Facebook will continue to dominate in 2014. Facebook boasts a massive (1.19 billion users), highly engaged audience offering a tremendous opportunity for marketers to build brand awareness, engage existing customers and find new ones.

While there have been numerous factors critical to Facebook’s advertising success, at the core is the company’s commitment to innovation. The social network is hyper focused on creating a great experience for users by providing what’s most valuable to them, including content from family, friends and colleagues and relevant ads from the advertisers who want to reach them.

A second force behind Facebook’s advertising success is product innovation. From creative and targeting to optimization and reporting, the company is continuously building and testing and improving—a much more progressive approach than the traditional online ad industry.

Facebook’s speed in innovation is rooted in its goal of creating a more relevant experience for its users and enhanced performance for advertisers.

Here are 10 innovations marketer’s could see in 2014

  1. A continued shift from engagement to performance focused advertising
  2. An increased shift in budgets towards programmatic and real-time mobile bidding
  3. An expanded roll-out of new autoplay video ads and stronger ties with broadcast TV
  4. More remarketing on mobile
  5. Enhancements to their mobile ads to help drive engagement and conversions
  6. Expansion of graph search to mobile aimed at budgets reserved for Google and other search advertising
  7. New localization targeting options that help increase personalization and relevancy for real-time opportunities
  8. Better creative from brands that focus on the customer
  9. Improved capabilities for advertisers to spot what is trending and respond quickly
  10. Stronger online and offline campaign connections for retailers

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