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Introducing Tracking Rules: Ad Tracking, Simplified

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

Ad tracking is a crucial step in getting actionable insight from ad performance. But historically ad tracking has been difficult to set up and included adding specific tracking parameters to each ad placement making tracking possible, but difficult.

Today, Nanigans introduced Tracking Rules, a new product that simplifies the setup and tracking of ad performance. With Tracking Rules advertisers only set up tracking parameters once – then never worry about them again.

Using Tracking Rules advertisers can:

  1. Easily set up ad Tracking Rules across campaigns
  2. Track more, learn more, and earn more
  3. Send ad tracking information to third-party analytics tools
  4. Set up ad campaigns faster than ever before

Easily Set Up Ad Tracking Rules Once, Apply them Across Campaigns

Using Tracking Rules advertisers can now configure tracking elements that apply globally across campaigns. Based on the criteria defined within individual tracking elements, Tracking Rules can append tracking information on any number of different ad types.

For example, if you want to append a special query string parameter to ad placements coming from mobile devices, you can set one rule that will apply across any mobile campaigns and add the appropriate tracking parameters.

Introducing TR 2

Track More, Learn More, Earn More

Tracking Rules helps advertisers easily configure numerous types of tracking elements and track more across different types of ad campaigns. Using Tracking Rules you can add elements such as:

  • Nanigans URL Tagging
  • Nanigans Redirectors
  • Nanigans View Tags
  • Third Party View Tags
  • URL Tags
  • URL Shorteners
  • Click Tags
  • And more

Adding these tracking elements is as easy as deciding the campaign types each applies to. For example, if you want to track off-Facebook clicks simply use the Nanigans URL redirector and set the conditions which this element applies.

Track Ads in Your Analytics Tool

Introducing TR 4

Want to see how your latest ad placements are performing within your analytics tool? Using the new Tracking Rules and appending tracking parameters within specific placements, you can automatically send ad performance data to your analytics tool. Further analyze, compare, and view the data just the way you want in tools like Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst, and others.

Set Up Ad Campaigns Faster

Using the new Tracking Rules you can easily set up tracking parameters, and then never have to worry about them again. Because of this, Tracking Rules will ensure that you never forget to append all the tracking parameters you want to each ad campaign.

For more information on Tracking Rules, please see the Nanigans Knowledge Base.

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