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Using Website Custom Audiences to Make the Most of the NCAA March Madness Tournament

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

The March Madness tournament is now well underway. As teams begin to compete to make it into the third round of final 32 teams, it reminds us as marketers and genuine fans of our alma maters, there are significant opportunities to reach out to like-minded fans.

Facebook is the ideal platform to reach out to this base of users due to the all of the advanced targeting and interest information. However, beyond the deep interest targeting – using Website Custom Audiences you can retarget visitors to your own website.

Let’s explore how an e-commerce company could utilize Website Custom Audiences to reach the most relevant website visitors.

Map your website URL structure to specific audiences

Depending on the URL structure of your website, mapping a specific URL could enable you to target fans of a specific team, or region of teams. For example, if your website has a structure like: and then you can specifically enter rules within Website Custom Audiences to target each of those teams.

Initially mapping out how your website URL structure is organized and how it fits into a promotion, like the NCAA tournament, can help adapt and make the most of major events like this.

To start, map out each category, and URL that falls under that category of your website that is relevant to the NCAA tournament. Depending on your store you could have a number of relevant categories from shirts, hats, shoes, all the way to posters.

Determine the most important areas to start

The power of Website Custom Audiences allows you to not only extend your reach and produce relevant advertising – but allows you to capture other visitors that show intent. For example, if you want to reach visitors of your site that have shown an interest in the Kentucky Wildcats, but also shown a general interest in other “Midwest” teams – depending on your URL structure you can reach both audiences and as a result capture visitors that show an interest in more than one team.

Based on this capability, determine the business value of each audience to start with. If you receive a significant amount of traffic interested in only Midwest teams then digging deeper into your own analytics can provide insight into which team, product, or category to start with.

Regardless of which segment you start with don’t shy away from testing other audiences as well. Website Custom Audiences allows you to create Lookalike Audiences that can help extend your reach even further to people that include similar interests but may not be website visitors or customers.

Use Events to further segment your audience and create relevant experiences

The Events functionality within Website Custom Audiences enables you to further refine and create audiences based on specific criteria. Events are based on pixels on your website, so for example, if you have a purchase pixel, or landing pixel on your page you can create ads that retarget each segment and also incorporate details of the URL or path that was used.

This combination truly enables you to reach finite audiences for the maximum chance they will convert.

For example, you could set up an Event for a customer that viewed and purchased a Harvard University hat. Because they have shown interest in Harvard, you can now retarget them based on that interest to show Harvard t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more.

Use Custom Events to reach your best audiences

Custom Events are similar to standard events; with the difference simply being a custom pixel that resides on the site is a pixel that tracks a specific action, or set of actions. For example, the purchase pixel is a standard Nanigans tracking event for measuring conversions. However, if you want to separately measure return customers you can implement a pixel for return customers and then create a Website Custom Audience offer for return customers such as a coupon or discount for shopping again – all while showing creative that is targeted and relevant to them.

As you can see, Website Custom Audiences enables you to reach audiences like never before and truly harness the power of Facebook to grow your business.

Want more information about running Website Custom Audiences in Nanigans Ad Engine? Check out this blog post.

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