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Bloomberg TV Interviews Nanigans on Facebook’s Ad Strategy

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

This morning, Nanigans was live from New York! Bloomberg TV’s Bloomberg Surveillance invited Nanigans’ SVP of Marketing, Dan Slagen, to join Evercore’s Managing Director, Ken Sena, and hosts Tom Keene and Scarlet Fu for a discussion about the state of Facebook advertising.

For Bloomberg TV’s 27 million monthly viewers, Bloomberg Surveillance brings insight into the state of the market each morning with a conversation on economics, finance and investment.

The segment titled Who’s Going to Look at an Ad on Instagram? covered everything from how Facebook advertising has attracted direct response advertisers and now consumer brands to how companies  like Ben & Jerry’s, Michael Kors and Levi’s are eager to reach Millennials with ads on Instagram.

Nanigans would like to thank Bloomberg TV, the producers of Bloomberg Surveillance, hosts Tom Kean and Scarlet Fu and Evercore for the opportunity. You can follow Bloomberg TV on Facebook here.


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