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Facebook Predictions for the NCAA Final Four

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

After a grueling, seemingly endless winter in Boston, what better way to take our minds off the insane weather we’ve finally left behind than with a little March Madness? Even if we don’t have any horses in this race, it’s fun to take bets — and in order to make informed ones, we’ve decided to do some digging into our Facebook Ad Engine. Without further ado, here are our insights and a data-backed prediction for who will sweep 2014’s NCAA Final Four.

When it comes to Facebook reach among the men’s basketball teams, Kentucky blows the competition out of the water with 1,300,000 fans. Billy Donovan’s Florida Gators and Eastern rival Connecticut Huskies appear to be evenly matched in the 300-400K range, while the Wisconsin Badgers trail far behind with the lowest reach (184,000).

NCAA Facebook Reach by Fans

 We thought it would also be interesting to calculate home base concentration by dividing Facebook state reach by national reach. At 10%, Connecticut has the most fans spread out across the nation, while Wildcats fans have built a fort and raised a flag in their home state of Kentucky.

NCAA Final Four Home AdvantageAnother fun metric to look at is gender breakdowns among fans. Predictably, men account for the lion’s share of these men’s basketball teams, though we’re pleasantly surprised to see that women account for a respectable quarter of the pie. Most notably, the University of Kentucky has the highest percentage of female fans with 35%. Go Wildcats!

NCAA Facebook Reach by Gender

The Internet is buzzing about the Gators, the only No. 1 seed left standing and the favorite to win the Championship Game according to SB Nation and ESPN. But if Facebook buzz reach determined the winners of the Final Four, our money would be squarely on the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

Do you agree or disagree?

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